SSGT Listing Details & Recap

The SSGT token went live on Uniswap, SafeSwap and QuickSwap on May 26th

Dear Community,

The SSGT token is now live on Uniswap, SafeSwap, and QuickSwap!

After a successful token sale launching SSGT off of our very own YFDAI LaunchPad, we listed the SSGT token on Wednesday, May 26th across the three Ethereum-based and Matic-based DEXs in support of fostering great traction and adoption of our SSGT token.

Recapping, SSGT is instrumental to achieving our vision of being the most complete DeFi ecosystem in the industry. The token enables bottomless liquidity on SafeSwap, streamlines governance voting, provides YF-DAI stakers and farmers with allocation boosts in LaunchPad pre-sales, and more.

1. DAO Governance: 2500 SSGT are required to participate in governance voting.

2. SafeSwap Liquidity Rewards: Liquidity providers can use LP tokens to earn SSGT

3. Staking Rewards: Staking SSGT rewards 72% a year SSGT (APY)

4. Pre-sales Allocation Bonus: Staking or farming an equivalent amount of SSGT as YF-DAI for at least 60 days will increase your pre-sale allocation. The pre-sale allocation bonus will be based on the following ratio:

1 YF-DAI = 1250 SSGT

For every YF-DAI and SSGT that you stake/farm, you will get a pre-sale allocation bonus using the following ratios:

Check out our ‘Summary and Key Takeaways’ article for more details:

SSGT Listing & Vesting

After selling out the SSGT pre-sale and public sale, SSGT was listed using the SSGT/USDT pairing on the following decentralized exchanges:

  1. QuickSwap Pair:
  2. Uniswap Pair:
  3. SafeSwap Pair: (Add 0x2ECc48ba346A73d7d55aa5a46b5E314d9DAA6161 as the contract address)

For those that participated in the SSGT public sale, your SSGT tokens (100% unlocked at TGE, “Token Generation Event”) will be in your participating wallet on the Matic network. To view, simply add the following SSGT custom token address to see your unlocked tokens:

Matic network: 0x914034f0FF781c430Aa9594851cC95806fd19dc6

And on the Ethereum network, the SSGT contract address is: 0x2ECc48ba346A73d7d55aa5a46b5E314d9DAA6161

For those that participated in the SSGT pre-sale, the 25% of your SSGT tokens that unlocked at TGE was sent to your participating wallet on the Matic network. Please add the SSGT custom token address, as outlined above for SSGT public sale participants.

To claim the remainder of your vesting SSGT pre-sale tokens, use this claim link and connect to the Matic network :

SSGT pre-sale tokens are vesting at 15% per month with daily vesting.

Note: You will be able to view your SSGT tokens on the QuickSwap exchange (Matic-based DEX) when you connect your Matic-connected wallet to that exchange.

If you are yet to use the Matic network, we put together an easy walkthrough guide for you to follow:

Matic Walkthrough Video: If you prefer a video walkthrough of how to participate in LaunchPad offerings on Polygon (Matic Network), please watch here:

SSGT Tokenomics

The SSGT tokenomics ensure that there will be plenty of liquidity on SafeSwap as well as rewards for YF-DAI holders committed to the project. The maximum token supply for SSGT is 210 million tokens.

SSGT Token Metrics: View Spreadsheet

Note: Any tokens not claimed in the claiming period will be used toward the staking fund after the respective distribution periods.

What’s Next?

SSGT will be populated across all of the major token tracking sites (CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, DexTools, etc..) and the real utilities of SSGT will start coming online right away, including SSGT staking starting in early June.

In addition, SSGT airdrops will start coming online next month, with snapshots (wallet scans) taking place every 30 days!

The first snapshot took place on March 9th, second on March 16th, and latest snapshot was taken on May 26th at time of listing.

You may recall the details from part 2 of the deep dive where we explored SSGT airdrops and related loyalty bonuses, including the SSGT airdrop to all YF-DAI holders and two future airdrop rewards. You can find the article here:

The SSGT airdrop for all YF-DAI holders, stakers, and farmers will occur monthly over a 6-month period with a monthly vesting schedule. The more YF-DAI you had, the more SSGT you will be able to claim in the airdrop!

Eligibility for the SSGT Airdrop based on 1 YF-DAI (ratio):

Vesting and Claim Schedule: Following, subsequent snapshots will take place every calendar month for 6 months from May 26th onwards (previously March 16th onwards). The airdrop distribution is monthly in arrears after the SSGT listing, same as described before.

Pool, Permissions and Restrictions: Unclaimed SSGT after the 6-month distribution period will be added to the staking pool.

There is no penalty for selling claimed rewards from staking/farming, however any wallet reducing the number of YF-DAI tokens they hold in the staking or farming contracts will lose the bonus tokens for all further distributions.

SSGT Loyalty Bonuses: 3 loyalty bonuses will be rewarded to users that meet qualifying requirements related to the SSGT airdrop (further requirements detailed in Part 2 SSGT Deep Dive).

  1. Loyalty Bonus for YF-DAI Stakers/Farmers: Stakers/Farmers that do not reduce the amount of YF-DAI in each pool between each SSGT distribution will receive a bonus amount of 10% of their total SSGT airdrop.
  2. Loyalty Bonus for SSGT Holders: SSGT holders that do not reduce the amount of SSGT held in wallets (not staking, farming, or on exchanges) between each SSGT distribution will receive a bonus amount of 5% of their SSGT airdrop.
  3. Last-man Standing Bonus: Token holders that complete bonus levels #1 and #2 (above), will receive a SSGT last-man standing NFT. Its sole utility will provide a pro-rata share of a $100,000 prize pool paid out in YF-DAI following initial SSGT distribution period.

More information on future claimable SSGT rewards outlined in our ‘Airdrops and Loyalty Bonuses’ article.

Please continue to voice your questions and feedback in our main Telegram community channel. Thank you all for being a part of our journey!


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YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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