SSGT In-Depth Analysis: Summary and Key Takeaways

Part 1: SSGT Tokenomics and Pre-Sale Details

  1. SSGT Pre-sale: On LaunchPad, only available to stakers/farmers
  • 4.5% of total supply
  • 6 month token distribution: 25% at TGE, 15% per month after
  • 1.5% of total supply
  • 100% unlocked and distributed at TGE
  • LaunchPad pre-sale price: $0.05
  • LaunchPad public sale price: $0.075
  • Listing Price: $0.11

Part 2: Airdrops and Loyalty Bonuses

  1. Loyalty Bonus for YF-DAI Stakers/Farmers: Stakers/Farmers that do not reduce the amount of YF-DAI in each pool between each SSGT distribution will receive a bonus amount of 10% of their total SSGT airdrop.
  2. Loyalty Bonus for SSGT Holders: SSGT holders that do not reduce the amount of SSGT held in wallets (not staking, farming, or on exchanges) between each SSGT distribution will receive a bonus amount of 5% of their SSGT airdrop.
  3. Last-man Standing Bonus: Token holders that complete bonus levels #1 and #2 (above), will receive a SSGT last-man standing NFT. Its sole utility will provide a pro-rata share of a $100,000 prize pool paid out in YF-DAI following initial SSGT distribution period.
  1. Traded on the SafeSwap exchange
  2. Made at least four transactions per month
  1. Eligibility to receive a share of the SSGT rewards pool
  2. Opportunity to receive a NFT providing income streams from other YFDAI services (SafeSwap trading fees, advertising fees, borrowing and lending, and more)
  3. A pro-rata share of a $200,000 pool of YF-DAI

Part 3: Token Utilities, NFT Rewards, and Governance

  1. DAO Governance: 2500 SSGT are required to participate in governance voting.
  2. SafeSwap Liquidity Rewards: Liquidity providers can use LP tokens to earn SSGT
  3. Staking Rewards: Staking SSGT rewards 72% a year SSGT (APY)
    - Fee to stake is 1.5% (will be burnt)
    - Fee to un-stake is 0.5% (will be burnt)
  4. Pre-sales Allocation Bonus: Staking or farming YF-DAI is the only way to qualify for LaunchPad pre-sales. Staking or farming an equivalent amount of SSGT (per the ratio below) for at least 60 days will increase your pre-sale allocation.

Thank You & What’s Next



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