SSGT In-Depth Analysis: Airdrops and Loyalty Bonuses

  1. The SSGT airdrop to all YF-DAI holders
  2. Future SSGT rewards for SafeSwap users
  3. Future SSGT rewards for top token holders of key SafeSwap projects

SSGT Airdrop for YF-DAI Holders/Stakers/Farmers

  1. Anyone that is holding, staking, or farming YF-DAI before Tuesday, March 9th (date of snapshot #1) is considered to be a long-standing holder and will be rewarded SSGT according to the chart below.
  2. Anyone acquiring YF-DAI between March 9th and Tuesday, March 16th, will be considered to be a new YFDAI token holder and will be rewarded SSGT according to the chart below.
  3. Anyone acquiring YF-DAI after March 16th, (date of snapshot #2), will not qualify for the airdrop. So get your YF-DAI before March 16th to qualify for the airdrop!

SSGT Loyalty Bonus #1 (YF-DAI Stakers/Farmers)

  • Have not sold or transferred your staking or farming tokens (claiming and re-staking your rewards will not affect your bonus eligibility).
  • Have not removed LP tokens from the farms (3–30–60–90 day farms).
  • Have not un-staked any amount of YF-DAI.

SSGT Loyalty Bonus #2 (SSGT Token Holders)

  • Have not sold SSGT or moved your tokens to another wallet or lowered the balance in any way.

SSGT Loyalty Bonus #3 (Last-man Standing)

Future Claimable SSGT Rewards

(1) SSGT Rewards for SafeSwap Users

  1. Traded on the SafeSwap exchange
  2. Made at least four transactions per month

(2) SSGT Rewards for Top Token Holders of SafeSwap Projects

  1. Eligibility to receive a share of the SSGT rewards pool
  2. Opportunity to receive a NFT providing income streams from other YFDAI services (SafeSwap trading fees, advertising fees, borrowing and lending, and more)
  3. A pro-rata share of a pool of YF-DAI

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