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SafeTrade NFTs have now been distributed!

Check them out here: https://app.rarible.com/yfdai/onsale

Dear community,

As many of you will know, community is of utmost importance to us and it is what drives the YFDAI Finance ecosystem forward as a flagship platform within the DeFi space. We want to give our community as many opportunities to benefit from the power of decentralised finance as possible and, as one of our many incentives, we announced last November that we would be offering bonus NFTs exclusively to users of SafeTrade, the new trading bot being introduced on the YFDAI platform.


SafeTrade is YFDAI’s premier trading bot service that enables anyone to add an extra passive income stream to their existing portfolio positions. The SafeTrade bot, which is hosted on Stacked Invest, utilizes various trading strategies to provide users with a stream of profits and we will be initially offering two trading algorithms — SafeTrade ETH and SafeTrade BTC.

After the unveiling of SafeTrade, those wishing to use the bot were asked to deposit YFDAI tokens in a staking Vault for a minimum of 60 days before trading started. By doing this they were granted a discount for the bot’s monthly fees, with discounts varying depending on the amount of YFDAI tokens they deposited -

.5 YF-DAI equals a 20% discount

1 YF-DAI equals 40% discount

2 YF-DAI equals a 60% discount

3 YF-DAI equals a 80% discount

Discount voucher codes for StackedInvest will be included inside the metadata of NFTs credited to participants. Metadata can be seen easily by viewing the YFDAI NFTs on a digital collectibles platform such as OpenSea or Rarible.

Claiming your NFTs

Use this contract address to confirm authenticity of NFTs: 0x1816359f9af8a725160bd51e2a25b1fbe6d5bb74

To claim your eligible discount on SafeTrade, users need to send the YFDAI team -

  • Your name
  • Your wallet address
  • Your email address [the same one you used to open the account with StackedInvest.com]

These details should be emailed to Coo@yfdai.finance.

Setting up a Rarible.com account

Connect your wallet

In order to set up your Rarible.com account, please visit the website and click on the “Connect” tab in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Choose wallet type

After clicking on the “connect” tab you will be asked to choose which type of wallet you wish to connect with Rarible. Choose your wallet type (this might be Metamask, Wallet Connect or another digital wallet).

Select your profile icon

After you have connected your wallet to Rarible, select your profile icon that will be located where the “connect” tab was previously. This will take you to your profile dashboard.

View your collectibles

Click on the “Collectibles” tab to view the NFTs you hold in your wallet. Your YFDAI NFT will be located here and you can view the StackedInvest discount code inside the NFT metadata.

Setting up an Opensea account:

Visit Opensea.com and click on the profile icon located in the top right corner of your screen.

Sign in with your wallet:

Select your YFDAI NFT to view your discount code inside the NFT metadata:

Using the SafeTrade Bot*

Once you have your discount code, you can redeem it on the StackedInvest website. To purchase the SafeTrade BTC and ETH bots please use the following links:

BTC Bot: https://app.stackedinvest.com/product/bot/yfdaibtc

ETH Bot: https://app.stackedinvest.com/product/bot/yfdaieth

We detailed how to set up the SafeTrade bot in this previous article:


If you do not already have a trading account with one of the approved exchanges, please click on one of the links listed below to set up a trading account — This will generate Referral fees and this will be used to buy back and burn YF-DAI at no cost to you.

Binance Futures








*Use at your own risk, there is a risk of loss associated with any algorithm-based trading bots. Due to limited trades during the initial staking period, all users can activate their NFT at a later date to allow time for more trade data to be collected.

More NFTs to come

We are excited to be able to offer participants in the YFDAI ecosystem rewards in NFT form as this helps further bolster the already flourishing NFT space and we are looking forward to the release of more NFT rewards when the YFDAI “Last Man Standing” event ends in March 2021.

The NFT rewarded to participants of this event will enable users to unlock a profit share of the .5% farming withdrawal fee for life, and this includes all fees for both YFDAI Farming and LaunchPad project farming once they are open. In the true style of NFTs, users can also always choose to sell their NFT to another YFDAI user who wants to benefit from passive income.

Read more about this exciting event here -


As the YFDAI Finance platform continues to expand, we will continue to offer more incentives to increase user participation and we are confident that this will see YFDAI Finance become one of the healthiest DeFi ecosystems in the years to come.

We would like to thank all of those who have shown interest in SafeTrade, as well as all other YFDAI products and as ever we look forward to hearing your feedback!


Important Links:-

Governance- https://governance.yfdai.finance

Telegram Governance- https://t.me/joinchat/TjNNP9ipD9ObYLUU

Farming- https://farm.yfdai.finance

Staking- https://stake.yfdai.finance

Website- https://yfdai.finance

Telegram Community- https://t.me/yfdaifinance

Telegram Announcements — https://t.me/yfdai

Discord- https://discord.gg/S3GRXRC

Bitcointalk- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5295276.new#new

Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/r/YFDAI/

Opensea for each of the NFTs individually:



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