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January 15th, 2021! This is a reminder for anyone who started farming their YFDAI LP tokens in any of the 4 farming pools (72 hr, 30, 60, 90 day pools) prior to November 15, 2020, can add to their LP tokens once a month until March 15th 2021, when the fifth and final snapshot will be taken for the 120-day last man standing event to earn the NFT for lifetime rewards of the 0.5% farming withdrawal fee.

Our medium article on the farming NFT Last Man Standing Event can be found here:


Here is an excerpt:

You can add to your LP tokens on or before 1/15/21 but only up to the amount that you initially deposited. For example, if you put in 1 LP token you can add 1 more LP token each month prior to the 15th of each month up until 3/15/21.

What is the benefit of doing this you might ask?

The benefit is that you will increase your NFT’s metadata as it relates to your share of the pool rewards.

The distribution of the bonus will be pro-rata based on how many LP tokens you farmed in total during the 120 day period.

The value of your NFT will be determined by many factors, and you control the percentage share of the NFT by adding more LP to the farming pools that you have been farming in since 11/15/20.

Here is a snapshot from November 14, 2020 for each of the pools:

The above images show the total LP tokens in the 4 farming pools just prior to the cutoff deadline. There were 250 total users who had deposited around 600 LP into the farming pools..

If you had deposited 6 LP tokens, you would have reserved 1% of the total bonus rewards pool for the NFT.

You can add whatever you like. But as far as the maximum that counts toward the NFT it is limited by the amount you originally deposited on or before 11/15/20. But you can add that much each month before the 15th.

The idea was to prevent someone from trying to “game” the system by putting in a little bit up front and then the day before the 120 days ran deposit like 6 YFDAI LP tokens

Example: you deposited 1 LP on 11/15/20 On 12/15/20 you can deposit another 1 LP that counts towards the NFT value. Same on or before 1/15/21, 2/15/21, and 3/15/21

So each month on or before UTC 0:00 on the 15th you can add 1 LP because that’s what you originally deposited, and at the end your NFT would have 5 LP tokens deposited towards the total pool share.

The good thing is the regular rewards for farming are also payable. So you still get all the regular rewards and platform fees and multipliers, but as a reward for being early to the farming pools and keeping for 120 days you get the bonus.

You get credit for LP tokens deposited in any of the 4 vaults. As long as you use the same wallet for each vault the snapshot counts your wallet holdings of LP

So those who got in early can increase their stake and the value of their NFT which can be resold on Rarity or Opensea etc. Or just hold the NFT and collect the rewards.

On or before the 15th of each month. A snapshot is taken at 0:00 UTC on the 15th of each month like the first snapshot on 11/15/20 at 0:00 UTC

Also, don’t make any withdrawals before the 120 days though, or you won’t be one of the last men standing.



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