YFDAI Welcomes New Additions to the Team

YFDAI continues to hire talented professionals necessary to keep up with its DeFi platform expansion

Dear YFDAI Community,

We’ve seen a flurry of hiring at YFDAI over these past 6 weeks with the additions of John Burmeister (LaunchPad Success Manager), Murai Ryo (Full Stack Developer), Hargobind Gupta (Lead Solidity Developer), Jeetesh Gajjar (Technical Project Manager), and Deep Yadav (Lead Backend Developer).

Now, as the community turns its focus to SSGT (given the recent launch of the token), along with the expansion of our governance system (now that DAO1 has launched), the move of our SafeSwap DEX to Matic, and more, we’ve brought even more great talent to assist with YFDAI’s platform expansion and growth prospects. Great projects require great people at their core to succeed, especially as a young start-up that has carved out its niche in being the most trusted and secure DeFi platform in the industry.

To ensure that we are always moving in unison together to achieve the greater YFDAI vision, it is important to expand the team with great people that are not only the right fit from an experience and expertise perspective, but also from a business culture perspective as well. We are more confident than ever that we have the pieces in place to deliver on our mission of democratizing finance and serving as a catalyst for mass adoption of the next generation of financial products.


Paolo is an entrepreneur and product leader with over 15 years of hands-on experience in product management and operations excellence. Prior to starting his entrepreneurial journey, he worked at Google for over a decade, where he served as the Head of Trust & Safety in Central Europe, leading an international team of product specialists, data scientists, security engineers and anti-abuse analysts.

Paolo is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Salarify, the first earned wage access solution in continental Europe. He is also a trusted Advisor to startups and enterprises alike, providing them with hands-on support in setting the right product strategy and operations excellence framework to fit their business growth expectations.

Paolo has been providing YFDAI with tremendous value since he started working with us. He has the important position of working alongside the YFDAI senior team to define and re-define core product development processes while efficiently project managing the slate of new services and existing product enhancements on our roadmap. His leadership experience from his time at Google and as a mentor across many early-stage tech startups is priceless.


Business Operations

Evan is a seasoned blockchain professional with nearly six years of intensive blockchain experience. Previously at Energi Core, Evan has a wealth of experience in market making, business development, community management and exchange listing management.

Some of his career highlights include: Research and launch of tokenized NRG called NRGE, raising over $3 million dollars in his first year as a market maker, and listing projects on top exchanges such as HitBTC, Kucoin, and Bithumb, among many DEXs and CEXs.

Evan believes blockchain and specifically DeFi is the future of money as we know it and is keen to play a role in the growth of the ecosystem. We’re excited to bring Evan on board as he will serve as a tremendous asset in growing YFDAI through a combination of his expertise in new exchange listings, internal market making, and business expansion through tier 1 partnerships.


Happy G. - Business Analyst

Happy has more than 12 years of professional experience in Business Operations Data Analysis in IT (agile hybrid) environment of Fortune 500 companies with vast expertise on cost-savings, revenue leakage recovery, invoice assurance and business process streamlining/automation. She is adept in using different business tools such as GSAP/SAP ERP, SalesForce, MS Advanced/ Power BI User, Tableau and other spreadsheet data programs.

Her passion includes teaching in giving back to the community through participating in outreach activities, teaching in kid’s church and photo and video editing. As YFDAI volunteer, Happy helps support YFDAI council volunteers in the daily governance of business operations.

Happy will be instrumental in performing deeper business analysis and data management work to ensure that the YFDAI team has full visibility into the day-to-day processes related to partner management, LaunchPad management, and treasury management. She will also help with tasks related to analyzing and refining tokenomics of LaunchPad-hosted projects.

Moving Forward

We are still hiring for select positions, including marketing, so please feel free to fill out our application form if you are interested and we will get back to you if you are a good fit for an open role at YFDAI: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehnh2iy8VTfbqyTH2GXRvEFz5g_nLGg7yaajsqagwYI4wEiA/viewform

We have many more announcements still to come before June, and the second quarter of 2021, finishes, including some major news this week. We will also be releasing an in-depth post with regards to our product roadmap soon as well. To stand out and rise to the top of the DeFi movement, we will continue to focus on quality, safety, transparency, and trust while showcasing how YFDAI is truly unlike any other DeFi ecosystem that exists today.

We can’t wait to announce what’s next. Stay closely tuned, especially this week!


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