SSGT Public Sale Details & Whitelist (Updated )

The YFDAI team is excited to share with you the details for the SSGT Public Sale place on Monday, May 24th at 5 pm UTC

Dear Community,

Congratulations to those who successfully secure their allocations for the SSGT pre-sale!

UPDATE: As disclosed previously in announcements, we have decided to move the SSGT public sale, and all token sales going forward, to the Polygon network (formerly Matic). Details on how to participate to be disclosed on Friday, May 21st.

For those of you who were not able to participate in the pre-sale, the SSGT public sale is your opportunity! It will also be hosted on the YFDAI LaunchPad.

Whitelist registration for the public sale is open now and will close on Sunday, May 9th at 5 pm UTC, providing nearly a 48 hours window to register. We’ve included more details below, including a link to the white-list registration form itself.

For those of you curious about the SSGT airdrop please read this article.

In this article, here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • SSGT Public Sale Details
  • How to Participate in the Public Sale
  • SSGT Token Distribution Schedule

But first, we’d like to point out a couple highlights from the SSGT pre-sale:

  1. We had over 1,300 registrants for the SSGT pre-sale, of which 1,137 registrants were qualified for participate, or just over 87% of all registrants
  2. The SSGT pre-sale sold out completely with over 1,000 qualified token purchasers, nearly 88% of all qualified registrants!

Participate in our next Pre-sale: if you’d like to be eligible to participate in the pre-sale of token offerings on our launchpad, get started by either staking or farming YF-DAI now. After 30 days of staking or farming, you will become eligible to participate in all pre-sales going forward as long as you maintain any staking or farming token balance!

Now, let’s discuss the SSGT Public Sale.

SSGT Public Sale Details

Just like all of the projects that YFDAI brings to the DeFi and crypto community at-large, the SSGT Public Sale will take place on the YFDAI LaunchPad. Moreover, just as with the pre-sale round, there are a limited amount of tokens allocated for the public sale. We will always do our best to ensure as many participants as possible can secure an allocation while balancing that effort with a sizable max cap per wallet for everyone.

For the SSGT public sale, the maximum cap for each individual wallet is $1,000.

  • Public Sale Date: Monday, May 24th at 5 pm UTC (UPDATED)
  • Total SSGT Tokens in public sale: 3.15 million
  • SSGT Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 100% will be unlocked and distributed at TGE
  • Participation: First come, first served basis (it will likely go very fast, get ready)
  • Restricted Countries: USA, Singapore

How to Participate in the SSGT Public Sale

In order to participate in the SSGT public sale, you will need to register for whitelisting. This helps our effort to honor the YFDAI ethos of transparency and fairness while reducing overall gas fees that would prevail if we held the public sale without a registration form.

After whitelisting, you will be eligible to partake in the public sale. This will not guarantee an allocation but it will allow you to participate in the public sale.

That being said, the SSGT public sale will proceed in two phases:

  1. Getting whitelisted (details below)
  2. Participating in the first come, first served public sale

The SSGT public sale whitelist open and close dates are as follows:

  • The Public Sale Whitelist Open: Now
  • The Public Sale Whitelist Close: Sunday, May 9th at 5 pm UTC

To participate in the sale, please follow these steps:

  1. Join YFDAI’s Telegram Community Group —
  2. Join YFDAI’s Telegram Announcement Channel —
  3. Follow YFDAI on Twitter —
  4. Fill out SSGT Public Sale Whitelist Form:

NOTE: It is important to complete each step above. Failure to do so will lead to potential exclusion from the sale and a refund will be processed. Gas fees will be charged to the disqualified participant as well.

Here you can access the SSGT public sale whitelist:

On Monday, May 24th, the link to access the SSGT public sale on YFDAI LaunchPad will be published at 5 pm UTC, at which time the sale will commence.

As in the SSGT private pre-sale rounds, you will attach your ERC-20 based wallet to the LaunchPad dApp. The dApp will then tell you your allocation and ask you to confirm that you did all of the above steps. Once confirmed, you can then complete your purchase (up to $1,000 USDT worth of SSGT).

Tokens bought in the SSGT public sale will be 100% unlocked and distributed at the Token Generation Event (“TGE”) which takes place during the first exchange listing.

SSGT Token Distribution Schedule & Tokenomics

The SSGT Token Distribution Schedule is as follows:

And please feel free to review the full SSGT tokenomics breakdown:

What’s Next?

The SSGT Public Sale of course!

The YFDAI team thanks each and every one of you for your engagement, support and shared excitement. We are committed to developing a truly robust DeFi ecosystem where community, fairness, safety, transparency and innovation are more than mere words.

As you get ready for the SSGT public sale, please continue to voice your questions and feedback in our main Telegram community channel.

We’re excited, as we know many of you are as well!

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YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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YFDAI Finance

YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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