DEFIT Public Sale Whitelist & Details

The DEFIT Public Sale Whitelist is Live Now until Sunday, April 4th at
5 pm UTC

Dear Community,

The YFDAI team is pleased to report that the Digital Fitness (DEFIT) pre-sale is nearing successful completion and will be completed tomorrow, Saturday, April 3rd!

Congratulations to those YF-DAI stakers and farmers who successfully have secured an allocation of the DEFIT token in the pre-sale, and thank you to those who provided integral feedback and improvement suggestions following our first token launch for ImpulseVen.

Next, it is time for the DEFIT public sale! The DEFIT public sale will be hosted on the YFDAI LaunchPad on Monday, April 5th at 5 pm UTC.

Whitelist registration for the public sale is open starting today at 4 pm UTC today and will close on Sunday, April 4th at 4 pm UTC, providing a 48 hours window to register. We’ve included more details below, including a link to white-list registration form itself.

If you missed our AMA with the Digital Fitness team members or haven’t yet learned about the project, we recommend you review our introductory article about Digital Fitness here.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • DEFIT Public Sale Details

But first, we’d like to point out a few highlights from the DEFIT pre-sale:

  1. We had over 500 YFDAI stakeholders (staking or farming YF-DAI for +30 days) purchase an allocation in the DEFIT pre-sale

Participant in our next Pre-sale: if you’d like to be eligible to participate in the pre-sale of token offerings on our launchpad, get started by either staking or farming YF-DAI now. After 30 days of staking or farming, you will become eligible to participate in all pre-sales going forward as long as you maintain any staking or farming token balance!

DEFIT Public Sale Details

The DEFIT public sale will take place on the YFDAI LaunchPad. Moreover, just as with the pre-sale rounds, there are a limited amount of tokens allocated for the public sale. We will always do our best to ensure as many participants as possible can secure an allocation while balancing that effort with a sizable max cap per wallet for everyone.

For the DEFIT pre-sale, the maximum cap for each individual wallet is $750 USDT.

DEFIT Public Sale Overview (*updated post pre-sale on 4/4)

  • Public Sale Date: Monday, April 5th at 5 pm UTC

How to Participate in the DEFIT Public Sale

In order to participate in the DEFIT public sale, you will need to register for whitelisting. This helps our effort to honor the YFDAI ethos of transparency and fairness while reducing overall gas fees that would prevail if we held the public sale without a registration form.

After whitelisting, you will be eligible to partake in the public sale. This will not guarantee an allocation but it will allow you to participate in the public sale.

That being said, the DEFIT public sale will proceed just as the ImpulseVen public sale, in two phases:

  1. Getting whitelisted (details below)

The DEFIT public sale whitelist open and close dates are as follows:

  • Public Sale Whitelist Open: Friday, April 2nd @ 4 pm UTC

To participate in the sale, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Whitelisting form:

NOTE: It is important to complete each step above. Failure to do so will lead to potential exclusion from the sale and a refund will be processed. Gas fees will be charged to the disqualified participant as well.

On Monday, April 5th, the link to access the DEFIT public sale on YFDAI LaunchPad will be published at 5 pm UTC, at which time the sale will commence.

As in the DEFIT private pre-sale rounds, you will attach your ERC-20 based wallet to the LaunchPad dApp. The dApp will then tell you your allocation and ask you to confirm that you did all of the above steps. Once confirmed, you can then complete your purchase (up to $750 USD worth of DEFIT).

Tokens bought in the DEFIT public sale will be 30% unlocked and distributed at the Token Generation Event (“TGE”) which takes place during the first exchange listing, and 70% of DEFIT tokens subsequently vest daily over 30 days after the TGE.

DEFIT Token Distribution Schedule & Tokenomics

The DEFIT Token Distribution Schedule is as follows:

And here’s the full DEFIT tokenomics breakdown*:

*Update Note (as of April 4th): The DEFIT Public Sale round was updated to resolve purchase issues of some private sale participants, with the public sale hard cap being lowered from $240,000 to $173,600. This public sale decrease resulted in a lower market cap at the Token Generation Event (“TGE”) of $252,080, versus the previous market cap at TGE of $272,000.

What’s Next?

The YFDAI team thanks each and every one of you for your engagement, support and shared excitement. We are committed to developing a truly robust DeFi ecosystem where community, fairness, safety, transparency and innovation are more than mere words.

As you get ready for the DEFIT public sale, please continue to voice your questions and feedback in our main Telegram community channel. As we release more details on DEFIT’s TGE and exchange listing, we will be sure to make more announcements so you are always in the know.

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