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Digital Fitness will conduct their Initial Launchpad Offering on YFDAI LaunchPad Next Week

Dear Community,

YFDAI is ready to launch yet another project from LaunchPad, Digital Fitness!

Digital Fitness, through the DEFIT token, is on a mission to provide the 360Wellness community with their own digital currency to digitize fitness services through a secure, reliable and fast payment alternative while enabling advanced data privacy, fitness gamification, and building user loyalty in the 360Wellness mobile app.

The online fitness industry is projected to grow at a record 33.1% CAGR over the next 5 years to become a $59.2B industry by 2027, and DEFIT is squarely positioned as to become the #1 digital fitness cryptocurrency thanks to its decentralized fitness and health marketplace.

The Digital Fitness Initial Launchpad Offering (“ILO”) will be exclusively for YFDAI’s staking and farming community and our fundraising partner’s, Ferrum Network. Currently, the project’s smart contract is being audited, and the LaunchPad offering is slated to happen in the second half of next week.

Denis Barry, Chief Digital Officer at Digital Fitness said, “We are thrilled to be the 1st combined sales launchpad with both YF-Dai.Finance and Ferrum. These are two awesome groups of people who have given us partnership alignments, valuable recommendations and tremendous growth towards attaining our goals. I would personally like to thank both teams for choosing us amongst the many other amazing DEFI projects out there to be on their sales launchpads. We look forward to taking on the crypto fitness market by storm.”

With the completion of the DEFIT smart contract audit, Digital Fitness will be officially certified by YFDAI. As with all YFDAI projects, DEFIT passed the strict LaunchPad qualifying criteria, which includes:

  1. Full KYC on all core team members
  2. 100% of team, advisor and marketing tokens locked in time-release smart contracts
  3. Smart contract audit by Blockchain Consilium
  4. Locked liquidity via YFDAI on both SafeSwap and Uniswap
  5. Confirmation of no prior fundraising
  6. Agreement that funds to Digital Fitness will be distributed over 6 months

Richard V Esq. LaunchPad Manager welcomes Digital Fitness to the YFDAI LaunchPad. He said, “This is our second LaunchPad project and it is a unique combination of fitness app and DeFi unlike any other in the fitness marketplace. DeFit has big plans for their users which will involve NFT’s, staking and farming pools, and other innovative ideas that will bridge the gap between the digital and fitness worlds. I look forward to working with Ian at Ferrum and Kevin and Denis at Digital Fitness, all professionals with loads of experience in their respective fields.”

LaunchPad Pre-Sale Process

In reminder, all YFDAI stakers and farmers that have been staking/farming for a minimum of 30 days are automatically white-listed and eligible for the Digital Fitness’s Initial Launchpad Offering.

Prior to the DEFIT pre-sale launch, we will release a Google Form for those meeting this criteria to apply, ensuring that the distribution of allocations is only to those that wish to purchase.

This Form will be released via the YFDAI Announcement channel on Telegram:

For future LaunchPad projects, not only will you be required to have been staked or farmed YF-DAI for a minimum of 30 days, but you will also be required to not have lowered your staking/farming balance between LaunchPad snapshots that qualify you for a respective pre-sale.

YFDAI stakers/farmers who register for the DEFIT pre-sale will have their YF-DAI wallet(s) scanned to determine the token allocation that they will be entitled to purchase during the pre-sale. This allocation will be based on the total amount of YF-DAI staked/farmed, the applicable multiplier based on the duration of staking/farming, and the relevant cap based on the project’s total fund raise limits (the hard cap) and allocation to Ferrum Network, and other DEFIT investors.

The more YF-DAI you have staked or farmed, the higher the allocation of DEFIT you will be able to purchase in the pre-sale. Our standard multipliers will apply to the DEFIT pre-sale based on the time that you are staking and/or farming.

Token Multiplier Levels:

DEFIT Pre-Sale Overview

DEFIT’s pre-sale is slated for the second half of next week and the finer details are to be released in advance.

Here is a high-level overview of DEFIT’s tokenomics:

Note: The distribution period will be over 6 months total for the Angel Round and 5 months total for the Private Round of the DEFIT pre-sale.

Pre-sale buyers will receive 20% from the Angel Round and 80% from the Private Round of the pre-sale.

You can review the tokenomics on the DEFIT website and in more detail in the following breakdown: Digital Fitness — Detailed Tokenomics

About 360Wellness & Digital Fitness

360Wellness, the parent company of Digital Fitness, is a ground-breaking decentralized health and fitness mobile marketplace that merges the at-home and online gym experience with fitness professionals located around the world. The app marketplace launched last Fall and is a working product already available in both the Apple App store and Google Play.

As the world’s first wellness habit tracker, users record and analyze how well they train, feel, eat and sleep, all in one place. The mobile app gives a unique and personalized wellness score (WLNS score) and recommendations to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

Digital Fitness and the DEFIT token merges the at-home and online gym experience with the digital currency world where users can “earn while they burn.” DEFIT is built for mass adoption by its fast growing community of trainers and users globally that are actively engaged with 360Wellness across 172 countries.

The DEFIT token will be used throughout the 360Wellness platform to provide rewards for improving users’ wellness scores, reward coaches, and purchase classes and merchandise. DEFIT will earn between 20–35% APY interest for long-term holders, and a plethora of other token uses are planned for the future. In addition, the Digital Fitness team will be airdropping Bitcoin and NFT’s as a further incentive to established and new users at random basis.

In addition, the DEFIT token enables in-app gamification enhancing user privacy and building user loyalty through staking and exclusive benefits.

DEFIT user benefits include:

  • Achievement-based Rewards: Driving user engagement related to achieving health and fitness goals
  • Promotional Rewards: Incentivizing users to join specific events or challenges
  • Loyalty Rewards: Five loyalty tiers with increasing discounts on merchandise and other in-app purchases
  • NFT Rewards: Earnable and re-sellable NFT assets in app and on external marketplaces
  • Referral Rewards: Bonus tokens for successful new user referrals
  • Bitcoin Airdrops: Top active members and also random users eligible for random Bitcoin airdrops every quarter

DEFIT benefits for fitness companies and instructors include:

  • Welcome Gift: DEFIT tokens given to those that successfully create their profile and are approved by the 360Wellness team
  • Visibility Boost: Hold DEFIT to boost your instructor ranking and visibility in app, or use DEFIT in app for advertisements
  • Sell Classes and Merchandise: Build your brand and sell personal training sessions, live classes, or merchandise with DEFIT as a payment alternative

Learn more about Digital Fitness:

About Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network was built to address two fundamental problems impeding the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies: slow transaction speeds and the lack of interoperability between networks.Ferrum network is a decentralized network like the Ethereum Network or IOTA but with a unique value proposition — instead of focusing on new coins, it can represent coins in other networks.

Ferrum Advisory Services (FAS) is the first incubator to combine a decentralized fundraising model with a full suite of DeFi technology to ensure a project’s success from pre-launch through scaling. FAS not only brings top new projects into the Ferrum ecosystem, but Ferrum token holders directly benefit by getting early access to the best new projects.

A few of the projects that FAS has helped launch are Inverse, Playcent, Bondly, poolz, BSCview and Netvrk.

What’s Next

Check out the Digital Fitness intro video here:

We will be releasing more information in the coming days on DEFIT’ LaunchPad offering. Stay tuned and engaged!


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