Introducing Digital Fitness as YFDAI’s next LaunchPad Project

  1. Full KYC on all core team members
  2. 100% of team, advisor and marketing tokens locked in time-release smart contracts
  3. Smart contract audit by Blockchain Consilium
  4. Locked liquidity via YFDAI on both SafeSwap and Uniswap
  5. Confirmation of no prior fundraising
  6. Agreement that funds to Digital Fitness will be distributed over 6 months

LaunchPad Pre-Sale Process

DEFIT Pre-Sale Overview

About 360Wellness & Digital Fitness

  • Achievement-based Rewards: Driving user engagement related to achieving health and fitness goals
  • Promotional Rewards: Incentivizing users to join specific events or challenges
  • Loyalty Rewards: Five loyalty tiers with increasing discounts on merchandise and other in-app purchases
  • NFT Rewards: Earnable and re-sellable NFT assets in app and on external marketplaces
  • Referral Rewards: Bonus tokens for successful new user referrals
  • Bitcoin Airdrops: Top active members and also random users eligible for random Bitcoin airdrops every quarter
  • Welcome Gift: DEFIT tokens given to those that successfully create their profile and are approved by the 360Wellness team
  • Visibility Boost: Hold DEFIT to boost your instructor ranking and visibility in app, or use DEFIT in app for advertisements
  • Sell Classes and Merchandise: Build your brand and sell personal training sessions, live classes, or merchandise with DEFIT as a payment alternative

About Ferrum Network

What’s Next



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