YFDAI Welcomes DAO1 as Its Next LaunchPad Project

  1. Full KYC on all core team members
  2. 100% of team, advisor and marketing tokens locked in time-release smart contracts
  3. Smart contract audit by Blockchain Consilium
  4. Locked liquidity via YFDAI on SafeSwap, Uniswap and QuickSwap (Polygon’s DEX)
  5. Confirmation of no prior fundraising
  6. Agreement that funds to DAO1 will be distributed over the months outlined in the tokenomics

DAO1 SnapShot & Pre-Sale Process

Pre-Sale Details

About DAO1

  • Decentralized Fund (DeF): artificial intelligence (AI) assisted decision making enabling the community to make prudent but smart decisions on investments
  • Crypto Venture & Startup Fund: a portfolio supporting investments with any coin of choice in various funds that come with an attractive APY
  • DAO1 Incubator: identifies high-potential projects and provides them with exclusive mentorship, development funds, and access to respectable partnerships until there is a finished product or service.
  • Charity Initiative: will be open to anyone that signs up on the DAO1 platform and it will enable any community member or artist selling tokenized NFTs to raise funds and donate to charitable causes of their choice
  • Hackathons: empowering Developers from anywhere to sign up and create prototypes of DeFi products and services based on real world use cases
  • Staking: a simplified high reward staking mechanism that allows community members to earn better returns than any deposits based on a fixed term, currently available on the market
  • Farming: where users provide liquidity to DAO1 by depositing their DAO1 plus ETH tokens into a liquidity pool on various DEXs
  • Underwritings: DAO1 holders will be able to engage directly in the value appreciation of launched incubation projects

What’s Next



YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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