YFDAI Transparency Report for October 2021

Dear Community,

The 13th monthly unlock from the time-release smart contracts has been completed, please find below confirmation of completed transfers.

Team Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 105 Tokens

As you are aware, YFDAI was an in-house funded project which was able to launch without a presale! With that said, team tokens were set in place to pay for the core team members’ salaries.

This month, 0% of the team tokens available will be used to cover the salaries of the team. The team is dedicated and plans to hold much of these tokens, however, any tokens sold will respect YFDAI’s policy of having a maximum amount of $1,000 of tokens to be sold per day, per team member.

The additional devs have received their compensation in 50% YFDAI this month . The website developer will receive their compensation as 50% in USDT. While the Dev Team plans to hold much of these tokens, any tokens sold will be made whilst respecting the YFDAI policy of having a maximum amount of $1,000 of tokens to be sold per day per Dev. The token payments for the Dev team totaling were converted to USDT and paid out at a rate of $118,600 USDT will be paid directly to the devs from the Development fund to the wallet addresses detailed in the chart above.

Marketing Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 175 Tokens

In October month, all marketing tokens were released from the smart contract as per the tokenomics. A mixture of YF-DAI tokens and USDT will be used to fund the marketing campaign. The current monthly spending shall be around 55.09 tokens. Please note that this may not be the final amount used for the month as additional marketing avenues are constantly being added. The remaining tokens not used will roll over for future marketing. Currently, there are a total of 129.49186428 marketing tokens left over from previous months. For each party who receives tokens, there is an agreement in place that not more than $1,000 of tokens can be sold in a 24hr period and with a maximum slippage/price impact of 2% to be respected. Staking has also been offered to our partners with the large majority opting to stake some or all of their tokens.

All marketing contracts are based on a USD amount of YF-DAI, therefore the amount of YF-DAI required per month will decrease as the price of YF-DAI rises. We also have segments of the marketing campaign that will not start until certain milestones are reached.

Advisor Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 105 Tokens

This month 126.963198 YFDAI tokens $99,647.68 USDT respectively have been distributed. The USDT payment has been provided from 100 YFDAI which has been sold at a previous date. While advisors have the option to sell their tokens, they are bound by the agreement that not more than $1,000 of tokens can be sold in a 24hr period and with a maximum slippage/price impact of 2% to be respected. Currently, there are 430.83000015 tokens carried over from previous months. The excess tokens in excess of 105 maximum limit is taken from the savings from the previous months from the founders’ salaries.

TXIDs for Token transfers from Time release smart contracts

Team & Advisor Tokens



Wallet Holders

09 October, 920 Holders

09 November, 1880 Holders

11 December, 3631 Holders

09 January, 4119 wallet holders

09 February 5, 4388 wallet holders

15 March, 6189 wallet holders

22 April, 6362 wallet holders

20 May, 6341 wallet holders

9th June,6186 wallet holders

22 July,6175 wallet holders

09 August, 6256 wallet holders

09 September, 6235 wallet holders

09 October, 6185 wallet holders

Staking and Farming

09 October, 217 stakers

09 November, 494 stakers

11 December, 1050 Stakers

11 December, 52 SafeTrade Stakers

9 January, 1233 Stakers

9 January, 63 SafeTrade Stakers

9 February, 1,662 Stakers

9 February, 61 SafeTrade Stakers

15 March, 2321 Stakers

15 March, 71 SafeTrade Stakers

15 March, 415 Farmers

22 April, 2758 Stakers

22 April, 78 SafeTrade Stakers

22 April, 407 Farmers

20 May, 2734 Stakers

20 May, 75 SafeTrade Stakers

20 May, 308 Farmers

9th June, 2712 YFDAI Stakers

9th June,71 Safetrade Stakers

9th June, 712 SSGT Stakers

9th June, 335 YFDAI Farmers

22 July, 2710 YFDAI Stakers

22 July, 70 Safetrade Stakers

22 July, 785 SSGT Stakers

22 July, 273 YFDAI Farmers

14 August, 6249 YFDAI Stakers

14 August, 68 Safetrade Stakers

09 September, 2799 YFDAI Stakers

09 September, 67 Safetrade Stakers

09 October, 2847 YFDAI Stakers

09 October, 69 Safetrade Stakers

14 August, 991 SSGT Stakers

09 September, 1128 SSGT Stakers

09 October, 1241 SSGT Stakers

14 August, 325 YFDAI Farmers

09 September , 246 YFDAI Farmers

09 October, 292 YFDAI Farmers


Visit us on our website and chat with us on Telegram!

Important Links:

Farming- https://farm.yfdai.finance

Staking- https://stake.yfdai.finance

Website- https://yfdai.finance

Telegram Community- https://t.me/yfdaifinance

Telegram Announcements — https://t.me/yfdai

Discord- https://discord.gg/S3GRXRC

Bitcointalk- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5295276.new#new

Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/r/YFDAI/



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