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3 min readMar 15, 2023

In the world of cryptocurrency, innovation and creativity are the keys to success. But it’s not just about coming up with new ideas — it’s also about constantly adapting and improving existing projects. One such project that has undergone such a transition is the YFDAI crypto project, which recently has had a new team pick up from where the original team left off.

YFDAI is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that aims to offer a suite of products and services to crypto investors. This includes a lending platform, staking services, and a wallet where users can store and manage their digital assets. The project was launched in late 2020 and quickly gained popularity within the crypto community.

However, a few months after its launch, the project hit a series of roadblocks. The old team, which was initially responsible for the project’s development and management, failed to deliver on their promises. There were delays in launching new features, customer support was lacking, and there were issues with the platform.Things were not all bad and the old team had done some good work in building the foundation for the project, but it was clear that they were not up to the task of taking the project to the next level.The previous team struggled to maintain steady growth and meet the expectations of the community. However, their decision to step down marked the beginning of a new era for the project.

As part of the transition a new opportunity emerged with a concept that began as YFDAI2 and has since merged into Mall VR City. This project had the support of the previous team and offered hope to token holders during an ongoing market downturn. Ultimately this is still an ongoing opportunity and may yet deliver value but in the short term it has failed to meet the expectations of the original YFDAI community and has moved away from the DeFi space.

After spending 12 months watching this situation a group of investors in YFDAI and SSGTx decided to take action. They formed a new team, consisting of experienced developers, marketing experts, and business managers, with the intention to take over the YFDAI project.The New Team have deployed their own funding and are bootstrapping the development mainly because there are no remaining project assets or funds. The new team took over the project’s management and began working on a plan to revitalize it.

Lets Introduce the New Team Members -

The new team includes Hyron, an experienced business development officer and marketing expert who has been working in and around crypto since 2014. Watson is an expert in partnership with six years of experience in the crypto industry. Peter Lee is a blockchain developer with experience in artificial intelligence and big data management, and he has been working in the crypto industry for seven years. Valinor is a cryptocurrency trader with a head for numbers and over four years in the space, while Mr. Jack is an experienced community admin and head of Launchpad with five years of experience. Raven will handle the Dex partnerships and Launchpad due diligence.

The new team’s goal is to improve on and ultimately deliver a vision that began with the previous team and to take the YFDAI project to new heights. With their experience and the support of what is still a vibrant community, the new team is committed to creating a thriving ecosystem that provides value to its users and the entire crypto space.


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