YFDAI Updates its 2021 Roadmap after a Busy First Half of the Year

Dear Community,

After achieving a lot of milestones in the first half of the year, we have decided to update our roadmap based on a deep internal review that we have completed alongside the new business and tech additions that we’ve added to the project team. As always, we’re committed to ensuring that the YFDAI mission stays at the root of everything that we do — to democratize finance and serve as a catalyst for mass adoption of the next generation of financial products.

Staying true to our transparency ethos, this is the first time we have ever provided such a deep look into what we are planning and why it matters. As we further expand our DAO governance structure, we are set to get YFDAI stakeholders more and more involved in critical project decisions that come in result of our current service offering as well as the plans provided for the road ahead.

Why Are we Doing This?

Our roadmap review and planning for 2021 has focused on bringing clarity in a number of areas including overall impact, resource planning, speed of delivery, urgency, market fit and perceived value. We are sharing both the roadmap and how we arrived at our conclusions for two very important reasons.

  1. Transparency — We want our community and wider users to see, agree, understand and open an ongoing dialogue around what we are building, improving and focusing on. We believe this openness and involvement will add a huge amount of value. As part of this our community will also be aware of any roadblocks and issues we face as part of this process.
  2. Governance — The DAO is an important part of YFDAI and the importance of the input and consensus formed around our roadmap cannot be overstated.

What is the YFDAI Roadmap?

As with any active project there will undoubtedly be complications which will need to be resolved and, in some cases, the roadmap may need to be adjusted both internally and externally. We may be ahead of schedule or we may be facing issues beyond our control. In either case we are committed to providing regular updates.

Our Product Development Lifecycle

Every new product development is structured around 3 main phases, each varying in length, complexity and human capital allocation based on the ultimate outcome we are optimizing for:

  1. Product Discovery: A user-centric, experiment-driven, and collaborative product management framework that helps us discover the product that supports our project’s mission and community needs, while identifying the key technical and user experience requirements.
  2. Product Versioning: An effective product planning framework to allow us to continuously iterate on our product releases, so to constantly improve both the user experience and the business value delivered to our community.
  3. Product Delivery: A robust and scalable product implementation structure that our community can depend on for consistency, accessibility and availability in accessing our product solutions and the value they generate.

Rest of 2021 Roadmap

Does the YFDAI Roadmap Show Everything?

  1. The product or feature will make a meaningful impact on our stated mission and goals.
  2. The product or feature will have a direct impact on our community.
  3. The product or feature will create wider opportunities for adoption.

We always strive to be as open and transparent with our growing YFDAI community and believe that delivering great products and services that deliver long-term value will always shine bright no matter the greater economic conditions of the DeFi industry as a whole.


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