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4 min readOct 14, 2020

With the rapid growth of DeFi, developers and their protocols often struggle to keep pace with their developmental, marketing, and protocol upgrades. This can sway project optimism and community satisfaction resulting in distrust and investment loss. The truth of the matter is that developers don’t always double as marketing, fundraising, or community building experts. With this in mind, it is not uncommon to see small projects get help from venture capitalist firms who buy up their tokens at an overly cheap rate or hire advisors that only stick around for the short term. While these may be good efforts in the short term, they rarely carry value in the long term.

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve taken an extra step in improving the DeFi space with our collaboration with The Foundry, a DeFi powered incubator looking to bring out the best in decentralized finance.

Below you will find an intro and breakdown of our new partnership. Enjoy!

The Foundry

To greatly increase their chances of success, crypto startups both need a solid foundation and the ability to foster long-term growth. This requires a partner that can provide a diverse range of expertise ranging from fundamental scaffolding, marketing, and liquidity among a myriad of other services. Normally, an all-inclusive service such as this would be hugely difficult to obtain, not to mention off-putting. This innate struggle however is solved thanks to The Foundry.

The Foundry is cryptocurrency’s first all-inclusive incubator service that combines an intuitive community-driven fundraising model with connections to the largest crypto influencers, exchanges, and DeFi technology. Created as a joint endeavor between DuckDAO and the Ferrum Network, the Foundry is able to offer a cocktail of services that are exclusive to only The Foundry.

With The Foundry, projects benefit from DuckDAO’s decentralized funding model and Ferrum Network’s DeFi cross-chain technology to enable new protocol possibilities. Furthermore, projects benefit from a multi-year strategic advisory service from crypto veterans to ensure that projects receive the highest level of advice, ongoing. Projects will also enjoy coverage from crypto’s hottest influencers to achieve maximum marketing potential. Lastly, The Foundry provides deep connections to some of the best exchanges in cryptocurrency. This benefit is also coupled with market-making services to ensure a smooth exchange experience.

The old incubator model is flawed, leveraging the community fundraising prowess of DuckDAO and the latest DeFi technology of Ferrum Network, The Foundry is able to create an unmatched incubator service that guides projects over the long term, not just temporarily.


YFDAI is one of DeFi’s newest and most innovative protocols to launch in the cryptocurrency space. YFDAI offers a plethora of DeFi services ranging from farming, lending, borrowing, and staking. Aiming to lead as DeFi’s top protocol, YFDAI has taken ample steps to achieve the highest level of security and transparency. To prove this, YFDAI has been fully audited and certificated by the Blockchain Consilium, a renowned blockchain auditing firm to ensure the highest level of security. YFDAI is unique in that it doesn’t just offer DeFi services, the project itself exists as an entire DeFi ecosystem. Some of the premier aspects of YFDAI’s ecosystem are:

The SafeSwap exchange

The SafeSwap exchange will operate as YFDAI’s premier DeFi exchange that will put an end to the risky minefield aspect of DeFi investing. In essence, SafeSwap will exist a fork of Uniswap that will only list projects that have been vetted under a strict criteria ranging from its code, tokenomic system, and product. This type of DeFi marketplace will inevitably transform the DeFi space as we know it as users will finally be able to invest safer than ever.

The LaunchPad

The LaunchPad is a DeFi focused incubator that aims to promote up and coming projects that wish to contribute legitimate services to the crypto space by helping to build their token platform. With a myriad of advisory and developmental services, YFDAI will guide these new start-ups from the ground up to achieve the highest standards in the industry. To accomplish this, the Launchpad incubator will help projects secure their tokens in fully audited smart contracts as well as promote the best tokenomic system for their project. Projects that pass the strict qualifications of the service will then be granted access to the SafeSwap exchange and other exclusive services.

YFDAI X The Foundry

In this joint endeavor, YFDAI will offer advisory services to The Foundry on a first refusal basis. This will increase the deal flow for The Foundry and provide YFDAI’s Launchpad with a trusted partner for projects requiring full incubation. In addition, the Foundry has delegated YFDAI’s SafeSwap exchange as one of its preferred exchanges for its incubated projects, joining the likes of Kucoin, Bibox, ACDX and Serum.

The cooperation agreement between YFDAI and The Foundry symbolizes the shared ethos of helping to build valuable DeFi protocols that aim to contribute value and innovation to the DeFi space. The Foundry/YFDAI partnership ensures that the LaunchPad projects requiring full incubation and ongoing advisory services are now in safe hands. Together, YFDAI and The Foundry will lead DeFi to a brighter and safer future.



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