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3 min readOct 27, 2021


New LaunchPad Project, SSGTx Introduction, and the all new SafeSwap

Dear Community,

Well it’s been another huge month for YFDAI with the roll out of our Governance solution just in time to secure a vote on our latest LaunchPad project, KwikTrust. The vote for KwikTrust was overwhelmingly positive and rightly so, and now we are very much looking forward to the pre-sale kicking off on the 29th of November.

This essentially means that there are only 2 days left to secure your allocation by staking any amount of YFDAI.

The next Governance vote was equally important and again met with overwhelming approval. This time the DAO voted to implement the SSGTx upgrade which will effectively provide YFDAI users with a far more robust and flexible token to support our growing ecosystem. Along with the launch of SSGTx we have created a swap tool which provides existing SSGT token holders an opportunity to swap their tokens for SSGTx on a 1:2 basis for the next 6 months before dropping to a 1:1 swap.

On the back of launching SSGTx and the swap function, we have also promised to deploy staking and farming on Polygon / Matic. In truth a large part of the SSGTx deployment has also made this possible by allowing us to run a much more efficient master contract. The initial farming pools have been set up which can all be accessed from our dashboard and for the first farmers to join the pools there will be significant rewards and incentives on offer. For more on the rewards please visit the link to the pools below.

The reason we have set up these pools should by now be obvious but just in case you’re not sure what we’re talking about, why not jump on the YFDAI dashboard and click on the link to SafeSwap.

Introducing the all new SafeSwap ,the safest DEX in crypto.

SafeSwap is the next evolution in decentralised exchanges. Not only does it provide the Market Leading features and benefits of a regular DEX, with exceptional rewards for farmers and significant transaction fee savings reflected by the Polygon L2 chain, it also has a range of “rug free” features built in which prevents the listing of less than trustworthy projects. SafeSwap has a vetting process for any tokens wishing to list which includes a commitment to provide a base level of liquidity to support token holders. There will be a larger piece on SafeSwap, the features and benefits, the listing process, farming rewards and roadmap for bringing SafeSwap to a growing number of L2 chains in the next few weeks.

What’s Next

The next product to drop will be Lending and Borrowing which we anticipate being ready at some point over the next 7 days, so stay tuned for yet another announcement.

Things are really beginning to get interesting in the crypto space and we are just one year into our journey. The future looks bright indeed.


Important Links:

YFDAI Farming — https://farm.yfdai.finance
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SSGT Staking — https://dashboard.yfdai.finance/Dashboard

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