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4 min readDec 11, 2020


Dear Community

The 3rd monthly unlock from the time-release smart contracts has been completed, please find below confirmation of upcoming transfers.

Team Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 105 Tokens

As you are aware YFDAI did not carry out a presale and funding of the project has been paid directly from the team. The team tokens are in place to pay for core team members salaries.

This month 100% of the team tokens available will be used to cover the salaries of the team. The Team plan to hold these tokens however any tokens sold will be made whilst respecting the orderbook with a maximum amount of $500 of tokens to be sold per day per team member.

The additional Devs are taking 50% Tokens which they want to hold and 50% USDT. The Dev Team plan to hold these tokens however any tokens sold will be made whilst respecting the orderbook with a maximum number of $500 of tokens to be sold per day per Dev. The token payments for the Dev team totaling 3.956 tokens will be paid directly to the Devs from the Development fund to the wallet addresses detailed in the chart above.

The team will fund the USDT balance of $26,385 using the funds that were obtained by the initial tokens sold to fund the core business as per the following medium article:


A total of 104 tokens were sold gaining 332 Ethereum that will be used to fund the development of the project. No additional tokens were sold in the last month and A total of 96 tokens remain with the market maker. These will be sold in a controlled manner to ensure price levels and orderbook liquidity are respected as and when required. The funds gained will be used to pay for the recent licensing, the development of SafeSwap, Launchpad, complete the e-money license and develop the ecommerce platform.

Please note that to provide full transparency if at any point more funds are required an announcement shall be made confirming the amount of tokens to be sent to the Market Maker with at least 72hrs notice being given.

Marketing Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 175 Tokens

As the marketing campaign continues a mixture of YFDAI tokens and USDT will be used. There is a total of 175 tokens available and the current monthly spend shall be around 50 tokens. Please note that this may not be the final amount used for the month as additional marketing avenues are constantly being added. The remaining tokens not used will roll over for future marketing. Currently there are a total of 59 Marketing tokens left over from previous months. For each party who receives tokens there is an agreement in place that not more than $500 of tokens can be sold in a 24hr period and with a maximum slippage/price impact of 2% to be respected. Staking has also been offered to our partners with the large majority opting to stake some or all of their tokens. Due to the rollout of Digital marketing to include Youtube advertising and Banner advertising a total of 15 tokens will be sold per month to fund this. These will be sold with respect to the orderbook and liquidity and will not exceed more than $500 worth on one transaction. Please note that no tokens were sold in the last month to fund Digital Marketing.

All marketing contracts are based on a USD amount of YF-DAI, therefore the amount of YF-DAI required per month will decrease as the price of YFDAI rises. We also have segments of the marketing campaign that will not start until certain milestones are reached.

You will see multiple amounts leave the wallet later today/tomorrow.

Advisor Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 105 Tokens

The Team supporting YFDAI has grown again with the addition of the COO along with management staff to support SafeSwap/Launchpad, this month 68 tokens will be distributed. Advisors have the option to sell their tokens however there is an agreement in place that not more than $500 of tokens can be sold in a 24hr period and with a maximum slippage/price impact of 2% to be respected. Currently there are 12.655 tokens carried over from previous months.

TXID’s for Token transfers from Time release smart contracts

Team & Advisor Tokens


Marketing Tokens



It has been a very strong month for YFDAI, the marketing efforts have given us widespread exposure and the economics have been proven by the fact that with farming, staking, team,advisor and marketing payments the token price has increased by 140.1% in the past month. Wallet holders and also Staking/Farming TVL has also seen significant increases.

Wallet Holders

09 October 920 Holders

09 November 1880 Holders

11 December 3631 Holders


09 October 217 stakers

09 November 494 stakers

11 December 1050 Stakers

11 December 52 SafeTrade Stakers

With the launch of SafeSwap, LaunchPad and Safe Predict imminent we look forward to continuing our path of growth and expansion.


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