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YFDAI LaunchPad is now officially open for applications!

As a DeFi ecosystem that champions the people, we wanted to give the community a chance to be a part of DeFi history. To do this, we’ve launched our launchPad Sales Force initiative. For this initiative, YFDAI has set aside the sum of $50,000 to be used to compensate anyone in or outside the community who brings a project to LaunchPad that meets YFDAI’s criteria and successfully launches on the platform. Successful salespersons will be rewarded with the sum of $2000 USD payable in YF-DAI tokens once the project launches on the LaunchPad. For maximum efficiency, salespersons will be provided with a myriad of useful tools to aid in recruiting new start up projects to the LaunchPad platform.

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The emergence of DeFi has ushered in a new era of financial services and tools for the masses. This financial revolution has taken the cryptocurrency industry by storm to the tune of over $10 billion dollars in locked value within a matter of months. Given the coming cryptocurrency cycles and innovation within the space, DeFi is projected to shatter even more milestones in the coming months.

While the DeFi market outlook is becoming increasingly bullish, the space still suffers from regular hacks, scams, rug-pulls, and overall protocol exploits. At the time of writing this, WALT, BLV, and PAMP all engaged in the infamous rug-pull scam while the AKRO project got hacked. Adding insult to injury is the fact that any project can list on UniSwap, crypto’s number one decentralized exchange. This means all investors who utilize UniSwap for trades are in danger of investing in dishonest, vulnerable, and potential scam projects. Due to the anonymous nature of most DeFi projects, investing in unvetted projects always carries a high degree of risk.

Today, the DeFi space has gotten much safer thanks to YFDAI’s LaunchPad incubator. The LaunchPad is YFDAI’s entry portal for new projects that meet YFDAI’s strict criteria to obtain certification before launching.

To put it simply, the LaunchPad is a way for legitimate projects to distinguish themselves from the pack. Projects meeting the strict criteria of the LaunchPad incubator will obtain VIP access to a spectrum of services and partners through the YFDAI LaunchPad. The perks through these services are vast and carry valuable resources for incubation, funding, marketing, and more. Constructing a solid foundation is important for any cryptocurrency project, this is especially true in the space of DeFi. To help construct a strong foundation, the LaunchPad helps projects with secure token locks, contract auditing, and professional vetting. Included in the service is a robust advisory panel that helps scaffold projects to be the best in the industry. Launching through YFDAI allows you to gain a seal of approval that will stand out when investors look for their next investment. This effect is greatly amplified when LaunchPad projects list through YFDAI’s SafeSwap, DeFi’s only secure decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The majority of new projects to date have handled their own token distribution on Uniswap. This has created certain moral hazards since these projects have access to all the funds raised in the process. The temptation to take these funds instead of building the project is a practice that carries enormous risk. This blind “trust” is the antithesis of what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is all about. This practice in funding and launching new crypto projects has caused many project devs to opt for cashing in the instant money, thus leaving investors holding bags of worthless tokens. The fact that most DeFi projects are launched by anonymous developers means that investors have no recourse in the event of an exit scam. With LaunchPad, all projects must adhere to an inhouse KYC process with YFDAI’s legal team before proceeding with audits, token locks, and other safeguards that are required to gain certification. Much like a contract audit, YFDAI vetting of LaunchPad projects will derisk the process of investing in new token offerings as YFDAI makes it virtually impossible for a team to exit scam.

Most fraudulent projects spend most of their funds and efforts generating hype to get an initial “pump” right out of the gate. Once sufficient ETH has been deposited to the contract in exchange for the new tokens, the unscrupulous devs engage in a variety of different tactics to exit scam. While projects with good intentions do exist, many lack a viable tokenomic plan or roadmap to complete their roadmap goals. This results in an inevitable price correction that are often unrecoverable due to unsustainability.

YFDAI has set out to make investing in new start up projects fun, safe, secure, and most of all, profitable for investors.

YFDAI will also be listing existing projects that have already completed their token sales on the SafeSwap exchange. SafeSwap is currently going through the final tests before the deployment towards the end of the month.

Below we’ve compiled a brief segment on the global sales force that YFDAI is mobilizing to source promising new projects and encourage them to take advantage of YFDAI’s LaunchPad services.

YFDAI Global LaunchPad SalesForce

YFDAI has set aside an initial sum of $50,000 to be used to compensate anyone from the community, or outside the community who brings a project to LaunchPad that meets YFDAI’s criteria and actually launches on the platform. Successful salespersons will be rewarded with the sum of $2,000 USD payable in YF-DAI tokens once the project launches on LaunchPad. Salespersons will be provided with tools to use in recruiting new start up projects to YFDAI’s LaunchPad platform.

YFDAI is deploying the LaunchPad service this week and will begin the process of opening the platform to qualified startup projects that wish to launch their token via our platform.

This highly anticipated release signals a new era for the YFDAI project. We look forward to establishing an environment that hosts new legitimate projects of the highest caliber for all to take a part in. From this day forward, crypto will finally have the secure ecosystem it has desperately needed for reaching its highest potential.

As supporters of YFDAI and DeFi, you too can be rewarded for being a part of this endeavor.

YFDAI is a project of the people, for the people. That’s why we are constructing a Global Sales Force to source new projects. To maximize the coverage of our new service, we will be spearheading the launch with a series of large marketing campaigns in order to grow the largest community sales force ever seen. Please see the following presentation for more details:


To support the Sales Team, the following has been made available:

  • 2 Dedicated LaunchPad support Managers
  • LaunchPad Pitch Deck


  • LaunchPad promotional video


Example introductory emails/messages

Be a part of the future of DeFi with YFDAI, and get rewarded for uncovering promising new projects that meet the LaunchPad criteria.

The stage is set for the next frontier in DeFi… Will you join YFDAI and be a part of DeFi history?

If you are a start-up project reading this, you can get in touch directly via: Launchpad@yfdai.finance


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