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2 min readJun 17, 2021

KuCoin, a Top 5 Exchange Globally, will Support YFDAI/USDT and YFDAI/BTC Trading Pairs with Deposits Effective Immediately

Dear YFDAI Community,

We are beyond excited to announce that YFDAI will be listed on one of the most recognizable and most traded crypto exchanges globally, KuCoin!

Our token will launch with two trading pairs: YFDAI/USDT and YFDAI/BTC

To deposit YFDAI on KuCoin, please visit: https://www.kucoin.com/assets/coin/YFDAI

Here is the full listing schedule:

1. Deposits: Effective immediately (supported network is ERC20)
2. Trading: Starts at 9:00 am UTC on Friday, June 18th
3. Withdrawal: Available starting at 10:00 am UTC on Saturday, June 19th

As one of the top 5 exchanges consistently by trading volume led by a stellar reputation, KuCoin will be the largest exchange that YFDAI has listed on to date! With over 8 million users worldwide across 207 countries, more than 775 million trades have taken place on the KuCoin exchange since its inception in September 2017. KuCoin has supported over 350 projects since its launch, and was recently awarded by Forbes as one of the Best Crypto Exchanges of 2021.

KuCoin by the Numbers

In an effort to continually spread the YFDAI mission and expand our community to new regions globally, we believe that KuCoin will be a catalyst of growth for us. Thanks to KuCoin’s multilingual communities as well as 24/7 customer service, we will be able to access all major regions of the world and spread our user base to new levels.

For those that still have not registered for KuCoin yet, you can do that here.

We will announce a trading competition on KuCoin once trading starts tomorrow, Friday, June 18th!


Important Links:

Website — https://yfdai.finance
Staking — https://stake.yfdai.finance
Farming — https://farm.yfdai.finance
Main Telegram Community — https://t.me/yfdaifinance
Telegram Announcements — https://t.me/yfdai
SSGT Telegram Community — https://t.me/ssgtofficial
Discord — https://discord.gg/S3GRXRC
Bitcointalk — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5295276.new#new
Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/YFDAI/



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