YFDAI Announces Interim Joint COO

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3 min readOct 8, 2021

Dear Community,

Richard V. and Davin B. would like to inform the community that we will be acting in the joint capacity of interim COO in managing YFDAI.

Richard is an attorney with over 32 years of experience in civil and federal law and over 9 years experience in the crypto space as both an investor and advisor. Richard is located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone in the US.

Davin has spent the past 20 years in senior marketing roles across a wide range of industries in both client and agency capacity and is a long term cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. Davin specializes in marketing, communication and advertising. Davin is in the UK time zone.

This means that full time management will be available for an additional 5 hours per day as their time zones overlap. Furthermore, Simon will be advising the project and will continue to work with us to make sure that the infrastructure and organization that he built during his 10 month of service to YFDAI are maintained and improved upon. This will help speed up decision making and delivery of products.

Crypto is our passion and we are excited to introduce a new YFDAI that caters to the needs and expectations of our members. Taking the lead under new management, we have worked tirelessly to change the course of this project. We are committed to bringing you the best DeFi experience possible. This is your project, this is our promise. We are eager to share with you all the amazing improvements waiting for you when we roll out our latest improvements, products and services including multiple new token additions to SafeSwap and multiple new farms and lending and borrowing in the next few weeks.

We are modernizing the website and bringing new features to the ecosystem. Updates will be announced soon but rest assured, we will never compromise our great value and safety and security for our members. Most importantly our focus will be on YOU.

We will do this by seeking your input via our governance improvement proposals which you will get to discuss and vote on, including which new LaunchPad projects you want to see on our LaunchPad and other project changes including a more well designed token system which will insure future rewards to LP providers, stakers and farmers, lenders and borrowers on our platform.

We are confident that you will soon agree (if you don’t already) that YFDAI is the best DeFi project on the market — a perfect blend of new enhancements and improvements along with the best parts of the YFDAI legacy.

To your success!

Richard V. & Davin B.

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