Whitelist Registration for the DAO1 Pre-sale is Live!

The DAO1 pre-sale whitelist registration is live and will close at 5 pm UTC on Friday, May 21st. Pre-sale set for next week.

Dear Community,

Following the AMA today with a DAO1 leaders Leo Georgievic (Lead Strategist), Adrian Niculescu (Head of Partnerships), and Francesco Dell’Agata (Head of Operations), we’re excited to open whitelist registration for the DAO1 pre-sale!

Being not only our very first project launching on Polygon Network (Matic), but also our very first project focused on being a true DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) from its birth, we are very excited to work with the DAO1 team and bring the project to fruition.

Now, let’s recap the pre-sale registration process and tokenomics.

DAO1 Pre-Sale Registration Details

For our first LaunchPad project on Polygon, we are going to allow any YFDAI stakers and farmers that have been staking or farming YF-DAI by Monday, May 17th at 5 pm UTC (snapshot date) to be eligible to whitelist for the DAO1 pre-sale!

Long-standing YF-DAO stakers/farmers, your voices have been heard and you will have ample opportunity to secure a healthy pre-sale allocation of DAO1 if you choose to do so.

Second Snapshot to Promote Fairplay: To ensure that new YF-DAI stakers or farmers don’t only stake or farm YF-DAI to be participate in the DAO1 pre-sale, we will be taking another snapshot at a to-be-disclosed date and time prior to the pre-sale start (that will take place the week of May 24th).

Any new staking or farming wallets added between snapshots will not be counted. And any staking or farming wallets that are not still staking or farming during the second snapshot will also be disqualified.

This second snapshot will determine the token allocation that each participant will be entitled to purchase during the pre-sale itself and it will be announced when completed.

(As always: If you do not meet that requirement, it is still worth it to stake or farm now to not miss our next pre-sale following DAO1).

The allocations will be based on the amount of YF-DAI you have been staking/farming with our usual multipliers added for time staked/farmed.

Increase Your Allocation: The more YF-DAI you have staked or farmed and the longer you do so, the higher the allocation of DAO1 you will be able to purchase in the pre-sale.

Pre-sale Requirement: To ensure we can offer as high maximum allocation caps as possible, we need to ascertain that eligible users (per our snapshot) want to purchase DAO1. Therefore, we have created an ‘Expression of Interest’ form for interested YFDAI stakeholders to fill out in order to be whitelisted for the pre-sale.

If you are a qualified YF-DAI staker or farmer, then to register for the DAO1 pre-sale, be sure to complete the pre-sale whitelist registration form here: https://forms.gle/fH2pkfc7ttVNjuKMA

Registration Timing: The whitelist registration form is live now and will close at 5 pm UTC on Friday, May 21.

Whitelist Audit: Once the form closes, we will take the completed registrations and cross reference them with the first pre-sale snapshot. We will then cross-reference the whitelist with the second pre-sale snapshot (date and time of second snapshot to be disclosed when it happens) to produce the final list of whitelisted addresses which will be provided prior to the DAO1 pre-sale start.


DAO1 Tokenomics Review

In review, here is the high-level overview of DAO1 tokenomics:

Distribution Period: The distribution period will be over 6 months for the Strategic Round (starting in month 2 from TGE) and 6 months for the Private Round (starting at TGE) of the DAO1 pre-sale.

Pre-sale Allocation between rounds: A breakdown of how pre-sale allocations will be split between the Strategic and Private Rounds of the pre-sale will become public when we release the final whitelist of qualified wallets to take part in the DAO1 pre-sale next week, if not sooner.

You can review the tokenomics in the DAO1 whitepaper (see link below) and in more detail in the following breakdown: DAO1 — Detailed Tokenomics

To learn more about DAO1, please visit our initial Medium article: https://yfdaifinance.medium.com/yfdai-welcomes-dao1-as-its-next-launchpad-project-79bb27790940

Also, learn more about DAO1 here:

What’s Next

The DAO Pre-sale will be going live early next week (by Wednesday, May 26th or prior). We will announce the exact timing of the DAO1 pre-sale by this Sunday.

As always, please reach out with any questions in our official Telegram Community, https://t.me/yfdaifinance


Important Links:

Farming: https://farm.yfdai.finance
Staking: https://stake.yfdai.finance
Website: https://yfdai.finance
Official Telegram Community: https://t.me/yfdaifinance
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/yfdai
Discord: https://discord.gg/S3GRXRC
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5295276.new#new
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/YFDAI




YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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YFDAI Finance

YFDAI Finance

YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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