Welcoming new members to the YFDAI team

As our full-suite DeFi ecosystem grows, we are happy to announce the addition of more talented professionals to the YFDAI Finance team

YFDAI Finance
5 min readJan 15, 2021

Dear YFDAI community,

The last few months have been hugely successful for YFDAI Finance, with the introduction of many new features and products to the ecosystem. As the platform grows, so too does the need for a larger workforce if we are to continue to provide the very best DeFi services available, and we are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming various new people to the YFDAI Finance team and advisory board.

2020 also saw the YFDAI Finance team grow and Daniel Stone joined us as Chief Operating Officer in December of last year, bringing with him more than 30 years of experience in the traditional financial services industry. Daniel previously held high executive positions with banks in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, and Singapore, including Barclays London and Standard Chartered Singapore; previous consulting clients include JP Morgan, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and Deutsche Bank.

Following the launches of YFDAI Community Governance, SafeSwap and the YFDAI Launchpad, we will be heading into 2021 with expertise and developmental guidance from professionals with considerable experience in disciplines including marketing and partnerships. We will also be working closely with advisors that bring considerable experience and expertise in the areas of financial engineering, risk management and governance.

By growing our exceptional team united in a shared vision of providing trustless financial services to society at large, we continue to accelerate on our mission of delivering a complete, trustless, and secure DeFi ecosystem that is ready for mass adoption.


Simon Bogdanowicz

We’re happy to welcome Simon Bogdanowicz to YFDAI Finance as Head of Growth. Simon started his career on Wall Street over a decade ago, working in M&A investment banking for the Royal Bank of Canada. Following, he served as a business development executive for major enterprise software companies including Thomson Reuters and Selligent, with a focus on Fortune 500 companies. Simon is also the Founder of BlockTeam Ventures, a global consulting firm dedicated to supporting the world’s most promising blockchain-enabled companies. BlockTeam has worked with over 40 projects since inception in 2017, including the likes of Verses, OPEN Platform, CUDOS, Gameflip and Elastos.

With professional experience in capital markets, enterprise technology, and scaling startups, Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to YFDAI Finance. Simon will grow YFDAI’s brand and presence in the DeFi industry and beyond while bridging the gap to the traditional finance industry as YFDAI’s ecosystem of services continues to expand and evolve. He will also take a critical role in overseeing and implementing best-in-case processes and efficiencies in enterprise management and customer relationship management.

Simon is also a Techstars mentor and has spoken on conference stages globally such as Consensus, Crypto Invest Summit and Global Blockchain Forum. Simon is a recognized blockchain thought leader and we are confident that his expertise will be invaluable to the future developments of the YFDAI Finance platform.


Bradley Townsend

We are very pleased to bring Bradley Townsend on board as Head of Partnerships at YFDAI Finance. Bradley has a strong presence in the blockchain and DLT space and has built an impressive network of both C-level executives and thought leaders, which he has leveraged to help strengthen the presence and marketing efforts of various start-ups.

Bradley has contributed to the growth of various successful blockchain projects in recent years including Orion Protocol, Ferrum Network, Geeq and Mobie, providing expertise, connections and advisory services that enable the sector’s most innovative projects to collaborate. He is also Co-Founder of Latitude Blockchain Services, a company offering global coverage and blockchain specialised multifaceted services all in one place.


Carlos Melgar

We are excited to soon be integrating NFTs (non fungible tokens) into YFDAI’s comprehensive DeFi ecosystem and our suite of products will soon include NFTs that not only have real world utility and use cases but that also have value as tradable assets.

In order to achieve this we have welcomed on board Carlos Melgar to the YFDAI Finance team as NFT Project Manager. Carlos is an experienced digital marketer and creative strategist, with recent contributions to the space including the NFT strategy behind the Collectible Card game from Bondly where he serves as Head of Product Innovation.


Conor Davis

Having served as Chief Technology Officer and Board Member for venture capital investments and cyber security startups around the world, Conor Davis is also Co-Founder of Blue Bite, a crypto mining company focusing on the sustainable mining of various cryptocurrencies. Coming from an entrepreneurial, technical and venture background Conor can bridge and understand the different worlds and bring additional focus to issues startups frequently experience.

Previously, Conor led cyber security and cyber defence investments as Investment Manager for one of the largest family offices in Europe. With experience designing and implementing comprehensive systems and application architecture to support the full spectrum of investments from hedge funds and equity to OTC, Conor brings valuable financial and technical advisory to YFDAI Finance and we look forward to utilising his expertise.

John L

John has worked in technology leadership and risk management positions with investment banks, insurance companies, technology consulting organizations, and Big-4 accounting firms over the last 20 years, and brings a wealth of practical technology, project management, and risk management experience to YFDAI.

John is a seasoned cryptocurrency investor and has evaluated / invested in hundreds of ICOs since 2016. He is familiar with many of the issues that cryptocurrency startups face and looks forward to helping YFDAI to evaluate and pick winning cryptocurrency investment opportunities and also to provide the technology and business guidance and support needed for success.

Moving forward

These new additions to the team are part of an overall expansion of the YFDAI Finance as a business, DeFi platform and ecosystem. We are very pleased with the overall direction the company and its vision is heading in as we enter what is set to be a pivotal year in blockchain technology, decentralised finance and cryptocurrencies.

We will be unveiling yet more products in coming months that will further cement the YFDAI Finance platform as one of the leading DeFi ecosystems within the space so make sure to follow us on social media and keep up to date with developments.


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