SSGT In-Depth Analysis:
Tokenomics and Pre-Sale Details

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4 min readFeb 26, 2021

The first installment of our SSGT Deep Dive Series explores the SafeSwap Governance Token’s Tokenomics and Pre-sale

Dear Community,

Last week, we released an overview of the SafeSwap token, including the high-level details behind the token’s delivery mechanics, tokenomics and pre-sale. The SafeSwap token is instrumental to achieving our vision of being the most complete DeFi ecosystem in the industry.

The SafeSwap (new ticker: SSGT) will not only enable bottomless liquidity on SafeSwap, but also attract top projects to list on SafeSwap, enable streamlined governance voting, give YF-DAI holders allocation boosts in LaunchPad pre-sales, provide greater rewards to stakers, farmers, liquidity providers and more!

Please note that we’ve decided to change the SafeSwap token ticker from SST to SSGT in order to not confuse the YFDAI community as the SST ticker is already taken by an existing project.

To simplify our comprehensive deep dive into every major aspect of the SSGT and related NFTs, we’ve decided to create a four-part deep dive series that will be released over the course of the next week.

We’re excited to bring you the first installment of the deep dive series which examines SSGT’s tokenomics and upcoming pre-sale.

SSGT Tokenomics

The SSGT tokenomics ensure that there will be plenty of liquidity on SafeSwap as well as rewards for YF-DAI holders committed to the project. The maximum token supply for SSGT is 210 million tokens.

Note: Any tokens not claimed in the claiming period will be used toward the staking fund after the respective distribution periods.

The SSGT airdrop will be claimable by:

  • Liquidity providers
  • YF-DAI token holders
  • SafeSwap Users
  • Top holders of key SafeSwap-listed projects

The SSGT Pre-sale/Public Sale will take place on Launchpad.

Other uses of the SSGT:

  • Used for staking rewards
  • Added to SafeSwap and Uniswap for liquidity
  • Deployed to reserve fund

A breakdown of the full SSGT token release at listing will be provided prior to the pre-sale.

SSGT Pre-sale

The SSGT Pre-sale will launch on YFDAI LaunchPad and will only be available to those Staking or Farming YF-DAI. Following the pre-sale, LaunchPad will host the public sale and will require registration to be white-listed.

Following the SSGT Pre-sale/Public sale on LaunchPad, SSGT will be listed on SafeSwap and Uniswap. 90% of the funds gained from thePre-sale/Public sale will be used to provide over $600,000 of locked liquidity split between SafeSwap and Uniswap. 10% of the funds raised will be used for marketing purposes.

SSGT prices will be as follows:

  • LaunchPad pre-sale price: $0.05
  • LaunchPad public sale price: $0.075
  • Listing Price: $0.11

SSGT Pre-sale and Public sale tokenomics:

  1. LaunchPad pre-sale: 9.45 million tokens (4.5% supply)
  • Tokens distributed over 6 months: 25% at TGE and 15% per month thereafter
  • Liquidity locked for 18 months

2. LaunchPad public sale: 3.15 million tokens (1.5% supply)

  • 100% unlocked and distributed at TGE
  • Liquidity locked for 18 months

Pre-sale Access: To access the SSGT pre-sale via LaunchPad, users will have had to either have been staking or farming YF-DAI for 15 days.

We will give 20 days notice to the Pre-sale launch date and subsequent public sale.

The more YF-DAI you have staked or farmed, the higher the allocation of SSGT you will be able to purchase in the pre-sale. Our standard multipliers will apply to the SSGT pre-sale based on the time that you are staking and/or farming.

SSGT Multiplier Levels:

Token Distribution: All token distribution from the SSGT pre-sale and public-sale will be distributed per the tokenomics outlined above just prior to exchange listing.

25% of pre-sale tokens sold will be distributed at TGE and 15% per month thereafter, for a total distribution duration of 180 days.

100% of public sale tokens will be distributed at TGE.

Late Eligibility: New YF-DAI holders members who miss the 15-day staking eligibility cut off for the LaunchPad pre-sale of SSGT may gain entry by purchasing and staking a minimum of 2 YF-DAI up to 48 hrs prior to the Pre-sale itself. A snapshot will be taken 48 hours prior to the start of the pre-sale to assure everyone eligible that is holding at least 2 YF-DAI is accounted for.

New token holders who do not qualify for the multipliers featured above can still be awarded a bonus multiplier of 1.25x allocation as long as they do not reduce the amount of staked and/or farmed YF-DAI tokens over 180 days. Sale or removal of the proceeds received is permitted.

Longevity Bonus: Those who do not sell or move their staking or farming returns over the 180-day distribution period will receive a bonus amount of SSGT tokens of allocation x 1.75 multiplier.

What’s Next

The future of the YFDAI Finance ecosystem is only getting brighter by the day; we are very excited that so many of you want to continue to join the YFDAI team on our journey to revolutionize decentralized finance.

Next week, we will release the second installment of our SSGT deep dive showcasing the SSGT airdrop, associated bonuses, and more. Stay tuned!


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