SSGT In-Depth Analysis: Token Utilities, NFT Rewards, and Governance

SSGT Utilities

  1. DAO Governance: 2500 SSGT are required to participate in governance voting.
  2. SafeSwap Liquidity Rewards: Liquidity providers can use LP tokens to earn SSGT
  3. Staking Rewards: Staking SSGT rewards 72% a year SSGT (APY)
    - Fee to stake is 1.5% (will be burnt)
    - Fee to un-stake is 0.5% (will be burnt)
  4. Pre-sales Allocation Bonus: Staking or farming YF-DAI is the only way to qualify for LaunchPad pre-sales. Staking or farming an equivalent amount of SSGT (per the ratio below) for at least 60 days will increase your pre-sale allocation.

    The pre-sale allocation bonus will be based on the following ratio:

    1 YF-DAI = 1250 SSGT

    For every YF-DAI and SSGT that you stake/farm, you will get a pre-sale allocation bonus using the following ratios:

NFT Rewards for Liquidity Providers


  1. You have 2 YF-DAI that entitles you to claim 2500 SSGT (subject to a set distribution structure), and subsequently claim 25 NFTs.
  2. You will use your 25 NFTs or 2500 SSGT to access the voting platform and participate in the governance.
  3. A few days later, your initial 20% distribution of SSGT is made claimable (500 SSGT).
  4. Using the same active wallet, you claim the SSGT and automatically burn the equivalent amount of NFTs (500 SSGT/100 = 5 NFTs).
  5. This will maintain your voting power, 20 NFTs (the still unclaimed 2000 SSGT) and 500 SSGT in your wallet (which totals to be the equivalent of 2500 SSGT). You can still access the voting platform and vote.

What’s Next



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