Partnership Announcement! YFDAI Partners with DuckDAO

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and DeFi uncovers new ways of investing and interacting with assets. DeFi specifically has opened a whole new realm of financial possibilities by providing financial services that were traditionally offered by centralized financial institutions. At first glance, people think of DeFi as a space consisting of only DeFi protocols. DeFi however symbolizes more than just a series of decentralized financial tools, it paints a new future that shifts power to the people, not centralized institutions or venture capitalist firms. YFDAI knows the sheer scale of possibilities DeFi uncovers, that’s why we’ve partnered with DuckDAO to realize this potential.

Below you will learn how YFDAI and DuckDAO are planning to realize a new facet of DeFi that will replace the traditional model of fundraising. Enjoy


DuckDAO takes the philosophy behind DeFi and incorporates it into the project fundraising model. Those involved in traditional markets know that companies will often undergo a series of funding tiers before launching their IPO. The series of funding prior to IPOs are always reserved for venture capital firms, large corporations, and equity firms rather than the every day investor. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, a new funding model known as an initial coin offering (ICO) saw a massive rise in popularity in 2017 as it allowed everyday cryptocurrency investors to participate in early funding of their favorite cryptocurrency companies. While this was a massive step in the right direction, venture capital firms have crept their way into the crypto space bringing both their connections and access to large sums of funding which can disenfranchise the smaller investor.

DuckDAO is a DeFi fundraising platform that champions everyday crypto investors by keeping the funding process community focused. The DuckDAO approach at fundraising is extremely advantageous to projects due to the fact projects get a well-established base of supporters (Ducks) rather than a single VC entity who demand extremely cheap prices in exchange for their support. The VC model simply places too much burden on both startups and the investor and may pose a flurry of risks down the line.

Equally as attractive as its funding model is DuckDAO’s history in the crypto space. As a four-year veteran, DuckDAO has helped fund over 400 projects in the space including recently hyped projects of Geeq, Mantra DAO, and Bondly. Through DuckDAO, projects get connections to a myriad of marketing services making sure promising projects get the exposure they need to succeed. Top crypto idols such as “Boxmining” and “Ivan On Tech” are just some of the partners working with DuckDAO to support legitimate cryptocurrency projects. The DuckDAO experience of course isn’t complete without its market-making services to help kickstart a project’s introduction to the market.

With a diverse range of services, DuckDAO’s philosophy keeps the funding process decentralized and champions the power of the crypto community as a whole. Simply put, the Duck’s take on fundraising is to keep decentralized finance, decentralized.


YFDAI is one of the most promising, fully audited protocols to recently launch in the DeFi space. The YFDAI protocol prides itself on being an all-inclusive platform offering a plethora of DeFi services ranging from farming, staking, borrowing, and lending. YFDAI is unique in that it exists far beyond a platform for DeFi services, instead, it exists as an entire DeFi ecosystem. The YFDAI LaunchPad incubator and SafeSwap exchange are the forces that will usher in the next era of Decentralized Finance, promising an unmatched DeFi experience that champions safety and security.

The LaunchPad is an incubator that aims to promote up and coming projects that wish to contribute legitimate services to the crypto space by helping to build their token platform. With a wide variety of advisory and development services, YFDAI will help build these new start-ups from the ground up to achieve the highest standards by helping them secure their tokens in fully audited smart contracts as well as upholding the best tokenomic system for their project. Projects that pass the strict qualifications of the service are then granted access to the SafeSwap exchange and other exclusive services.

The SafeSwap exchange is YFDAI’s answer to the risky minefield environment that is DeFi. Simply put, SafeSwap is a fork of Uniswap that will allow users to trade with peace of mind as it will only list projects that have been vetted under a strict criteria ranging from its code, tokenomic system, and product. SafeSwap will be the safest and most convenient way to trade for investors of any level.


To offer an industry-leading experience for our LaunchPad services, we have carefully selected key partners that share our vision and bring the best in class services to the crypto space. Recently we’ve secured partnerships with the Ferrum Network and the CIPA alliance.

DuckDAO offers the best DeFi fundraising arm in the industry, with their growing number of clients and connections we felt there would be no better partner in helping us create the ultimate DeFi experience for our protocol, SafeSwap exchange, and Launchpad services.

Both YFDAI and DuckDAO share the common goals of keeping DeFi decentralized and supporting legitimate DeFi projects that are looking to contribute to the cryptocurrency space. With this in mind, the collaboration between YFDAI’s ecosystem and DuckDAO’s fundraising prowess provides an excellent opportunity in supporting projects that seek to add value to the DeFi realm.

In this initiative, DuckDAO will delegate YFDAI’s SafeSwap as one of their Duck approved exchange partners for their inhouse funded projects. Furthermore, DuckDAO’s fundraising arm will help assist promising YFDAI LaunchPad projects with funding, marketing exposure, and market-making services. As our partner, DuckDAO will retain a first refusal basis in areas pertaining to funding and market-making. With the expertise of our partners, the YFDAI Launchpad and SafeSwap ecosystems are positioned to become industry-leading platforms that will lead the DeFi charge.

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