Introducing KwikTrust as YFDAI’s next LaunchPad Project

KwikTrust would like to conduct their Initial Launchpad Offering on YFDAI LaunchPad in November

Dear Community,

We are pleased to present KwikTrust, our proposed next LaunchPad project.

KwikTrust is an e-validation platform and Super NFT creator that provides provenance and legal protection for a wide range of assets.The platform enables self-certified and third-party validation of files, with the results stored securely on a blockchain, creating an irrefutable record of activity.

Users can record and validate intellectual property origination, contracts, accounts, invoices, references, qualifications, identities, video and audio files, and undertake know-your-client checks. Intellectual property and other assets can be represented digitally — including property deeds, company shares, asset ownership, and validated identities — which can be minted into a NFT (non-fungible token) as a permanent and transferable record of ownership.

The Total Addressable Market for digital signatures is currently $25Bn. In all, 75 countries already have legal mandates for this technology, and their number is still rising, thus helping the market advance. Such measures are expected to propel the global e-signature market, which generated $951.3 million in revenue in 2019, at a 24.6% CAGR between 2020 and 2030.

(Source: Global NewsWire).

A study carried out by Marketsandmarkets reveals that the digital signature market is estimated to grow from $2.8 billion in 2020 to $14.1 billion by 2026, at an

expected compound annual growth rate of 31%

(Source: MarketsandMarkets).

While KwikTrust is yet to complete the smart contract build, we have assurances the audit of the contract will be provided as soon as this is complete. YFDAI is working with KwikTrust to ensure this process runs smoothly. The LaunchPad is contingent on the audit and as soon as this is provided and is inline with our criteria KwikTrust will be officially certified by YFDAI.

As with all YFDAI projects, KwikTrust passed the strict LaunchPad qualifying criteria, which includes:

  1. Full KYC on all core team members

“KwikTrust is one of the most exciting projects I have seen in the validation and NFT space, with real world adoption, a working platform and a solid team. KwikTrust embodies everything YFDAI is looking for in terms of a LaunchPad prospect and I am proud to be able to support a project like this and bring it to the YFDAI community via our LaunchPad”

Davin Broadbent, Interim co-COO, YFDAI Finance

LaunchPad Pre-Sale Process

In reminder, all YFDAI stakers and farmers that have been staking/farming for a minimum of 30 days are automatically white-listed and eligible for the KwikTrust’s Initial Launchpad Offering.

Prior to the KwikTrust pre-sale launch, we will release a Google Form for those meeting this criteria to apply, ensuring that the distribution of allocations is only to those that wish to purchase. This Form will be released via the YFDAI Announcement channel on Telegram:

YFDAI stakers/farmers who register for the KwikTrust pre-sale will have their YF-DAI wallet(s) scanned to determine the token allocation that they will be entitled to purchase during the pre-sale. This allocation will be based on the total amount of YF-DAI staked/farmed, the applicable multiplier based on the duration of staking/farming, and the relevant cap based on the project’s total fund raise limits (the hard cap) and allocation to other KwikTrust investors.

The more YF-DAI you have staked or farmed, the higher the allocation of KwikTrust you will be able to purchase in the pre-sale. Our standard multipliers will apply to the KwikTrust pre-sale based on the time that you are staking and/or farming.

Token Multiplier Levels:

Pre-sales Allocation Bonus: Staking or farming an equivalent amount of SSGT as YF-DAI for at least 60 days will increase your pre-sale allocation. The pre-sale allocation bonus will be based on the following ratio:

1 YF-DAI = 1250 SSGT

For every YF-DAI and SSGT that you stake/farm, you will get a pre-sale allocation bonus using the following ratios:

Check out our ‘Summary and Key Takeaways’ article for more details:

KwikTrust Pre-Sale Overview

KwikTrust’s pre-sale is slated for early November and the finer details are to be released in advance. Here is a high-level overview of the KwikTrust tokenomics:

Note: The distribution period will be over 12 months for the Seed Round and Private Rounds with 20% released upon TGE and the balance bi-monthly linear thereafter.

Public-sale buyers will receive 100% at TGE.

You can review the full tokenomics on both the KwikTrust website and in the YFDAI Due Diligence Report.

About KwikTrust

The KwikTrust $KTX utility token has been designed to form an integral part of the KwikTrust ecosystem to create long term demand and use for the token.

Specifically the minting of an NFT can only be paid for with a $KTX utility token, and rights to integrate KwikTrust functionality into other platforms and deliver services to others on the KwikTrust platform, can only be exercised by purchasing and maintaining a minimum quantity of $KTX tokens.

The uses of the $KTX utility token are:

1 . Mint NFT (1 x $KTX pays for 1 x NFT). This price can be increased or decreased over time to maintain the value of the $KTX. NFT minting cannot be paid for directly with fiat currencies.

2 . The right to integrate KwikTrust functionality into token holder’s own platforms. Platform owners need to maintain a minimum holding of $KTX 5,000.

3 . The right to provide a service to others on the KwikTrust network. Service providers need to maintain a minimum holding of $KTX 5,000.

4 . Discounted services for users. Services paid for in $KTX receive a 15% discount.

5 . Staking. Token owners can join and benefit from staking pools.

6 . Purchase a voting identity to vote on Governance issues.

Beyond the utility of KTX it is important to look at the wider context of what this platform will provide to the entire crypto industry as well as the entire professional services sector globally. By creating a new global standard for signing and securing digital assets and the development of the “Super NFT” KwikTrust will effectively reshape a $25 Bn global market.

KwikTrust Blockchain

KwikTrust is built on hyperledger fabric (HLF) which is uniquely suited to provide both the on chain validations and asset registration.

Partnerships and Current Clients

While KwikTrust are unable to release details of current clients, it’s sufficient to say there is an impressive and growing number of organizations who are currently using the KwikTrust platform.

We are pleased to be able to share the following testimonial from IBM:

As a financial and a production accountant working in the film industry, I work in regulated activities dealing with payroll, insurance and contracts. A large number of files have to be secured and shared, which is a concern when I have to give third parties access to folders. This is a better solution than anything else I’ve used as the files can’t be tampered with.”

- Fiona Watson ACCA FCCA

Partners include:

Learn more about KwikTrust:

What’s Next

Check out the KwikTrust intro video here: Meet KwikTrust: The Ultimate Next Generation E-Validation + NFT Platform

We will be releasing more information in the coming days on KwikTrust’ LaunchPad offering, however the next step is to secure approval from the YFDAI Governance community in order to proceed with the ILO.

Once the vote has been taken and the results are tallied, assuming a positive outcome, we will move on to the next phase which will be to announce the dates for the sale and release the expressions of interest form for the presale.

Stay tuned and engaged!


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