Impulseven Swap and Liquidity Change Notification.

Dear Community,

Our launchpad project Impulseven is starting their swap Ven token to new i7 token on 23rd August.

Please do not trade VEN token during 4 pm UTC to 4.30 pm UTC.
We will be removing old liquidity from SafeSwap and Uniswap. And replacing it with new i7 token liquidity.

Old Token Contract Address :- 0xe14e06671702f0db50055388c29adc66821d933b

New i7 Token Contract address :- 0x560cC7De81B2A594F6518713cBE122bCF297A6E8

Who have participated in our Launchpad Presale for Impulseven they need to claim old Ven Token and then need to swap their ven Token to new i7 token to their platform for trading.Old i7 Token will be not available for Trading after 23rd Aug 2021 ,5 P.M UTC.

How to Use Impulseven Dashboard for Swap Old Ven token to New i7 Token?

Step 1 : When the user opens the dashboard he/she has to connect the wallet first to interact with dApp. Users can connect to their wallet by clicking the connect wallet button.

Step 2 : After connecting to the wallet if a valid network is not selected he/she will get an error message as shown below.

Step 3 : If the user is on the correct network he/she can use the swap page to swap VEN tokens to I7 tokens.

Step 4 : To swap VEN to I7 user input VEN amount in above highlighted field. Users can see the balance of VEN & I7 there.

Step 5 : After clicking the Swap button the metamask popup will open and the user can initiate a transaction of swap.

Step 6 : On stake page users can find VEN & I7 token staking.

Step 7 : There are a total 6 staking pools 3 of VEN & 3 of I7. When a user expands anyone he/she can show as per below.

  • On this screen the user can see his balance to stake, staked amount and pending amount. Users also can see the total stacked amount, his/her total earned balance.


Visit us on our website and chat with us on Telegram!

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YFDAI Finance

YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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