ImpulseVen Public Sale Details

Announcing the VEN public sale details, whitelist process and token distribution timeline

Dear Community,

The ImpulseVen (VEN) pre-sale, our first pre-sale on LaunchPad, was a tremendous success. We thank you again for participating in it and now we look forward to co-hosting the ImpulseVen public sale alongside DuckDAO’s DuckStarter.

We will be hosting the VEN public sale on YFDAI LaunchPad. We’ve included all of the necessary details of the public sale in this article, as well as the steps to participate in it, and an overview of the VEN token distribution schedule.

The VEN Public Sale will be held on Tuesday, March 23rd at 2 pm UTC. The whitelist registration window for the public sale will open on Wednesday, March 17th opening at 5 pm UTC and close on Sunday, March 21st at 5 pm UTC.

We look forward to your participation and are happy to answer any questions you have in the YFDAI community channel on Telegram.

Public Sale Details

After our recent success in the private sale rounds of the ImpulseVen pre-sale, we are now entering the public sale phase.

As in the previous pre-sale round, there are limited amounts of tokens but we are doing our utmost to make sure that they are spread around as fairly as possible. As such we have limited the individual purchase per wallet to a $500 USD maximum.

ImpulseVen Public Sale Overview:

  • Total public sale allocation: $225k

    - Public Sale on DuckStarter (50%): $112.5k
    - Public Sale on YFDAI LaunchPad (50%): $112.5k
  • Price per token: $0.75 per VEN
  • Total VEN Tokens in public sale: 300,000 VEN

    - DuckStarter: 150,000 VEN sold
    - YFDAI LaunchPad: 150,000 VEN sold
  • YFDAI LaunchPad Allocation (max): $500 USD / wallet
  • Participation: First come first serve basis
  • Restricted Countries: USA, Singapore
  • Public Sale Date: Tuesday, March 23rd @ 2 pm UTC

The public sale will proceed in two phases:

  1. Getting whitelisted (details below)
  2. Participating in the public first come first served public sale

Whitelist Overview:

  • Whitelist open: Wednesday, March 17th @ 5 pm UTC
  • Whitelist close: Sunday, March 21st @ 5 pm UTC

Participating in the VEN Public Sale

In order to participate in the ImpulseVen public sale, and in an attempt to reduce the transaction fee costs, you will need to register for whitelisting. The whitelist opens today, March 17th at 5 pm UTC.

After whitelisting you will be eligible to partake in the public sale. This will not guarantee an allocation but it will allow you to participate in the public sale. It will be first come first served once the sale commences.

To participate in the sale, please follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Whitelisting form:
  2. Join ImpulseVen’s Telegram Community Group
  3. Join ImpulseVen’s Telegram Announcement Channel
  4. Join YFDAI’s Telegram Community Group

Important Note #1: It is important to do all of them as they will be checked and failure to complete all the steps will lead to exclusion from the sale and a refund.

Important Note #2 (added on March 18): Due to Twitter’s recent ban and suspension frenzy, we are cutting the Twitter requirements from the ImpulseVen public sale whitelist requirements all together. This is to not discourage and alienate those that have been affected by the Twitter ban/suspension.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, the link to access the VEN public sale on YFDAI LaunchPad will be published at exactly 2 pm UTC, the time the sale will commence.

As in the previous VEN private pre-sale rounds, you will attach your ERC-20 based wallet to the LaunchPad dApp. The dApp will then tell you your allocation and ask you to confirm that you did all of the above steps. Once confirmed, you can then complete your purchase (up to $500 USD worth of VEN). Tokens bought in the VEN public sale will be distributed fully, 100%, at exchange listing.

Here is a graphic that shows the VEN distribution schedule:

And please feel free to review the full VEN tokenomics breakdown:

What’s Next

As you get ready for the ImpulseVen public sale, please continue to voice your questions and feedback in our main Telegram community channel. As we release more details on ImpulseVen’s TGE and exchange listing, we will be sure to make more announcements so you are always in the know.


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