Get to Know YFDAI: An Interview with LaunchPad Manager & Legal Advisor, Richard V. ESQ

The First Installment of our Interview Series with Core Members of the YFDAI Team

Dear Community,

With last quarter’s release of the YFDAI LaunchPad, and the successful launches of our first two projects , DEFIT and ImpulseVen, we thought it would be nice for you to get know one of the YFDAI core team members diligently working behind the scenes on LaunchPad, SSGT and publicly with the greater YFDAI community!

His name is Richard V. and he’s a US based-attorney with 30 years of experience in civil, criminal, and federal cases. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2012 as a trader and advisor on several projects and now is full-time volunteer advisor to YFDAI Finance, specializing in crypto regulation. Richard handles vetting of new potential LaunchPad and SafeSwap projects for YFDAI to ensure that only the best projects with the greatest chance of long-term success are a part of the YFDAI ecosystem.

We asked Richard to address some questions so that all of you in the community can get to know him better.

How long have you been with the YFDAI team?

I have done research and development of the governance system, the SSGT token, the global sales force, prepared (with Phil, our Head Advisor) the Launchpad application, SafeSwap application, pitch decks, one pagers, etc.

How would you describe your role on the team?

The only area that I don’t really get involved with is the marketing and the finances.

My attraction to joining YFDAI was their mission to clean up the DeFi space and stop all the rug pulls that have plagued the industry. Vetting new launchpad projects is my strong suit as I come face to face with the teams behind the projects and get to use my legal skills as a trial attorney to depose them and filter out the good from the rest.

I’m currently writing the company business manual with the assistance of the core executive team to document the best practices going forward to ensure that the YFDAI vision is preserved into perpetuity.

What’s been the single most important question to ask projects when conducting due diligence for LaunchPad?

Of course the KYC is critical as most anon projects have the capability of rugging. But the code itself is also critical and not just from an external threat perspective but also potential internal threat.

The feedback I often get after a zoom meeting where we review a project is that it was a painful experience but enlightening.

Many times I get the feeling that the team realizes that we know as much, if not more, about their projects than they do.

This is because we have seen successful projects and not so successful ones come across our desk and we are looking out for our community so that they are protected first and foremost.

Why have you chosen to be anon, and don’t you think the freedom or space to be anon is a great aspect of the crypto world?

Of course I believe in privacy and anonymity in the crypto world and the DeFi space. It’s the hallmark of decentralization to be able to interact with smart contracts and the “code” in a trustless and censorship free environment. At the same time many bad actors take advantage of that principle by hiding behind anonymity to carry out fraud and other illegal acts, so it’s a double-edged sword. Since I aggressively engage with these bad actors on a regular basis in my efforts to protect the community I find my freedom of movement and activity is best served by remaining anonymous myself.

How challenging is it to differentiate in the crypto / DeFi space these days and what do you think is YFDAI’s single greatest differentiator?

Can you provide an example of this, where the collective intellectual capital of YFDAI has especially stood out to you during your involvement with the project?

How has it been watching the YFDAI community grow?

What’s one thing you’ve personally learned from the YFDAI community?

What are you most excited to see unfold with Launchpad and SSGT?

We know that many projects have been able to raise massive amounts of money via “whitepaper ICOs’’ and so what’s on paper in the crypto world often doesn’t translate into actual, tangible problems solved and products being built. Given this, talk a bit about why the vision of YFDAI is so important.

Take us through an especially long YFDAI day you’ve had recently? What did you do? What got done? What were the challenges overcome?

What are some of the key legal developments happening related to crypto that the average person may not be aware of, but should?

Tell us what we can look forward to with respect to the projects forthcoming through Launchpad

And finally Richard: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Thanks Richard!

And, thanks to each of you that makeup the YFDAI community.

What’s Next

You should expect to see a new interview every single week through May as part of our interview series. Stay engaged!


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