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Dear Community,

The 10 DuckDAO Tokens (DDIM) and the $50 of YF-DAI have been sent out to each of the winners from our recent DUCKDAO/YFDAI competition. Thank you for taking part and congratulations to the winners!

Tokens were distributed as follows:

YF-DAI — 0.073 to each winner

SSBKKx21 — Sam

bird_yas — Yasin

flyguy73 — Larry B

Pouriabasiry — Pouria Basiry

klinim99 — Steve

Contract address:


DDIM — 10 to each winner

mikecinchan — Michael Gunawan

DanJohnXID1569 — Dan Freeman

AG_1000 -Aayush Gupta

Abz_yem abdulla

at_w Walt alt

Contract address:


Now, we need your support! Very soon the team identities will be revealed and the whitepaper will be released and this is when our marketing campaign will start to ramp up. Therefore we want to add a bit of spice to the future competitions that will be held in our Telegram channel.

We will start to reward those that support us, the first initiative is below:

For all competitions those who win will receive a bonus amount of tokens based on their previous 2 weeks social media support. The more times you have commented on twitter posts or YouTube reviews you will receive a bonus when you are a competition winner!

1–2 Mentions in past 1 week — 10% bonus

3–6 Mentions in past 1 week — 20% bonus

7–10 Mentions in past 1 week — 30% bonus

15 mentions plus in last 1 week — 50% bonus

Secondly we will be giving out a monthly reward paid in YF-DAI for the most comments, likes and retweets. Each month there will be over $1,000 worth of YF-DAI up for grabs to be rewarded as follows:

Comments on Twitter and YouTube post

1st place: $200

2nd place: $150

3rd place: $100

4th place: $50

5th place: $25


1st place: $100

2nd place: $75

3rd place: $50

4th place: $25

5th place: $15


1st place: $100

2nd place: $75

3rd place: $50

4th place: $25

5th place: $15

In order to claim your reward, email with proof of submission and your YFDAI compatible wallet. All links to your coverage will need to be provided on a document and in the subject heading note as YFDAI Social Media Competition. Please submit all applications on the 1st of each month.

We will notify you when your reward has been sent!

Again, thank you for being a loyal member of the YFDAI community! We have lots more updates and information coming, so join our Telegram for more!




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