DEFIT Public Sale Whitelist & Details

  • DEFIT Public Sale Details
  • How to Participate in the Public Sale
  • DEFIT Token Distribution Schedule
  1. We had over 500 YFDAI stakeholders (staking or farming YF-DAI for +30 days) purchase an allocation in the DEFIT pre-sale
  2. Pre-sale Round 1: Nearly 50% of round 1 participants purchased the round’s max allocation per wallet, $1,100 of DEFIT tokens
  3. Pre-sale Round 2: Over 92% of round 2 participants have requested to purchase the round’s max allocation per wallet, $500 of DEFIT tokens
  4. We changed pre-sale Round 2 from a ‘fastest fingers first’ round to a ‘fastest registration first’ round to help YFDAI stakers and farmers avoid gas wars while giving the successful registrants a full 24 hours to secure their allocation request

DEFIT Public Sale Details

  • Public Sale Date: Monday, April 5th at 5 pm UTC
  • Total public sale allocation:
    - Public Sale on YFDAI LaunchPad (100%)*: $173,600 raise
  • Price per token: $0.08 per DEFIT token
  • Total DEFIT Tokens in public sale*: 2,170,000 DEFIT
  • Vesting Schedule: 30% of public sale DEFIT tokens unlocked and distributed at the Token Generation Event, and 70% of tokens subsequently vest daily over 30 days after TGE
  • YFDAI LaunchPad Allocation (max): $750 USD / wallet
  • Participation: First come, first served basis
  • Restricted Countries: USA, Singapore

How to Participate in the DEFIT Public Sale

  1. Getting whitelisted (details below)
  2. Participating in the first come, first served public sale
  • Public Sale Whitelist Open: Friday, April 2nd @ 4 pm UTC
  • Public Sale Whitelist Close: Sunday, April 4th @ 4 pm UTC
  1. Fill out the Whitelisting form:
  2. Join DEFIT’s Telegram Community Group —
  3. Join DEFIT’s Telegram Announcement Channel —
  4. Join YFDAI’s Telegram Community Group —
  5. Follow DEFIT on Twitter —
  6. Follow YFDAI on Twitter —

DEFIT Token Distribution Schedule & Tokenomics

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