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Dear Community

We would like to remind anyone who is still Staking on the old contract to Migrate your Tokens now.

You can do this by accessing the new Dapp at

As previously announced the Staking contract was upgraded and Audited by Blockchain Consilium and you are required to Migrate your Staking tokens by the 27th of October. After this point you will still be able to withdraw your tokens Staked but will lose any rewards due.

For users who have already Migrated please be reminded that the rewards for this Staking contract are still in the time lock Smart contract which expires on the 26/10/2020. Tomorrow the Staking rewards will be transferred and at this point you will be able to withdraw any Staking rewards due.

Please do not attempt to withdraw your initial Staked amount or your rewards until after the transfer has been announced tomorrow. If you are looking to move from Staking to Farming this should only be done tomorrow 26/10/2020 after the rewards have been transferred.


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