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Dear Community,

In a joint effort to help both the Ferrum community understand the YFDAI project and the YFDAI community understand the use of the Unifyre wallet we will be hosting a joint competition on Saturday at 1pm UTC.

The competition will be held in the YFDAI community Telegram channel

To show case the Unifyre wallet pool drop technology we shall be giving away $200 of YFDAI and $200 of the FRM Token.
Throughout the day there will be 20 questions posted with the following hashtag #Competion.

10 questions will be based on YFDAI and 10 questions will be based on the Ferrum Network, the first person to answer the question correctly will be added to the pool to receive their share.

In total $400 of FRM and YF-DAI will be given away to 20 people.

To demonstrate Unifyre’s Link drop technology, at a random time Ian Friend CEO of the FRM Network will drop a link into the chat — The first to click and claim will also receive $50 worth of YFDAI!

Please note- The winners will be required to have followed both YFDAI and the Ferrum Networks Twitter accounts prior to the competition start. You will also need to download the Unifyre wallet from your phone’s app store.



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YFDAI is a community centric, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people.

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