A Comprehensive Guide to SSGT Airdrops (Updated)

Everything you Need to Know about the SSGT airdrops that start at 5 pm UTC on Monday, June 28th

Dear Community,

With our first SSGT airdrop just around the corner, we wanted to provide you with a comprehensive guide that details everything you need to know regarding the SSGT airdrops!

We’ve received a number of great questions from our YFDAI community, and so we’ve included an updated FAQ at the end of this article. We will make sure to keep this FAQ active and add to it if enough community members are asking the same question.

As far as we know, YFDAI has without a doubt the most rewarding and elaborate airdrop program of any DeFi project, and perhaps the most rewarding airdrop program in crypto as a whole!

It’s important to note that the entire SSGT airdrop and all associated bonuses, unless otherwise noted, are taking place on the Matic Network!

The information below will help:

  1. Refresh you on the SSGT tokenomics and airdrop distribution schedule

This article serves as an update to our first SSGT airdrops article (from March 2, linked here), and our SSGT key points article that had more updated information on the SSGT airdrop (from March 15th, linked here). The information herein is the “SSGT Airdrop Bible” and should be treated as such when compared to any past articles or prior information.

To kick things off, we encourage you to review the SSGT tokenomics to get an understanding of how the various SSGT airdrops fit into the greater token metrics: Full SSGT Tokenomics

Now, let’s jump into the airdrop details.

This article will cover all SSGT airdrops and related rewards with updated information for each:

  1. SSGT airdrop for all YF-DAI holders, stakers and farmers

SSGT Airdrop for all YF-DAI Holders, Stakers, and Farmers

The SSGT airdrop for all holders, farmers & stakers will take place over a 6-month vesting schedule starting Monday, June 28th due to the first airdrop date (June 26th) falling on the weekend. All airdrops going forward will be on the 26th of each month or the following working day if the 26th falls on a weekend.

Key points to keep in mind for this airdrop:

  1. SSGT Token Allocation for this Airdrop: 21 million SSGT tokens (10% of supply)

Eligibility for SSGT Airdrop based on 1 YF-DAI (ratio):

Key Dates for Airdrop Eligibility:

  1. Anyone that is holding, staking, or farming YF-DAI before Tuesday, March 9th (date of snapshot #1) is considered to be a long-standing holder and will be rewarded SSGT based on the ratios:
    - Holders: 1 YFDAI = 1250 SSGT
    - Stakers & Farmers: 1 YFDAI = 1350 SSGT

SSGT Token Distribution and Snapshot Schedule:

Following the qualifying March 9th and March 16th snapshots, snapshots are taken every 25th of the month (e.g. June 25th, July 25th, etc..) to identify wallets that have (a) increased their held, staked, and/or farmed YF-DAI, (b) kept their balances the same, or © that have decreased their balance of held, staked, and/or farmed YF-DAI.

These subsequent monthly snapshots identify who should be awarded with a larger SSGT airdrop (month-to-month) and who may be disqualified from the airdrop partially or entirely (see permissions and disqualification details below).

Airdrop Permissions:

  1. Increase your SSGT Airdrop: Any additional YF-DAI that is staked, farmed, or held from month-to-month starting with the June 25th snapshot (the first snapshot post TGE) will count for the claimable airdrop for that month (Updated: based on the highest pre-determined YF-DAI to SSGT ratios that a wallet qualifies for).

Airdrop Disqualification Criteria: (Updated on August 25)

  1. Full Disqualification (updated): Anyone that (1) lowers the amount of YF-DAI they hold/stake/farm in a particular wallet by more than 1.5% (the fee to stake YF-DAI) between the final qualifying snapshot (March 16) and the first SSGT airdrop claim date (June 28th, 1 month after SSGT listing) will forfeit the entire SSGT airdrop they originally qualified for.
    - 100% of all forfeited SSGT tokens will be burned.
    - July 21 Update: Wallets that were disqualified from the first SSGT Airdrop because they moved YFDAI from holding to staking or farming (or vice-versa) will be re-instated for the second SSGT airdrop (and thereafter). These wallets will be rewarded the amount they should have received from first airdrop, plus what they qualify for in the second airdrop. In these cases, the second SSGT airdrop will include both airdrop #1 and airdrop #2 in one lump sum.

Loyalty Bonuses (post initial SSGT Airdrop):

Overview: But wait, there’s more rewards! There are 3 loyalty bonuses related to this robust initial SSGT airdrop that can boost your SSGT airdrop by up to 15% of your total SSGT airdrop and qualify you for a SSGT last-man standing NFT that includes a pro-rata share of a $100,000 prize pool paid out in YF-DAI.

Distribution Period: These loyalty bonuses will be distributed after the end of the initial 6-month SSGT distribution on a monthly basis over an additional 90 days (3 months). During these last 90 days, token holders can pull out their funds and still get the bonus distributed to them. For the last-man standing NFT, the rewards will be paid in YF-DAI as a one-time payment following the initial 6-month distribution period of SSGT with no lockup or distribution period of any kind.

SSGT Loyalty Bonus #1 (YF-DAI Stakers/Farmers)

YF-DAI Stakers/Farmers that do not reduce the amount of YF-DAI in each pool between each SSGT distribution will receive a bonus amount of 10% of their total SSGT airdrop as long as the following criteria have been met:

  • Have not sold or transferred your staking or farming tokens (claiming and re-staking your rewards will not affect your bonus eligibility).

For those that have met the above criteria, please note that any additional tokens acquired between the snapshots will be counted towards the SSGT airdrops and the bonuses.

SSGT Loyalty Bonus #2 (SSGT Holders/Stakers/Farmers) — Updated

SSGT holders that do not reduce the amount of SSGT held in wallets (or SSGT staked) between each SSGT airdrop that they receive (not counting the SSGT they may already have in that wallet), will receive a bonus amount of 5% of their SSGT airdrop as long as the following criteria have been met:

  • A wallet has not sold the airdropped SSGT or moved their airdropped SSGT tokens to another wallet, or lowered their balance in any way other than staking SSGT (or farming when that comes online).

SSGT Loyalty Bonus #3 (Last-man Standing)

For those token holders that complete bonus levels #1 and #2, they will receive a SSGT last-man standing NFT. Its sole utility will provide a pro-rata share of a $100,000 prize pool paid out in YF-DAI following the initial 6-month distribution period with no lockup or extended distribution period.

SSGT Airdrop Examples:

At the bottom of this article, we’ve included various scenarios that depict how much each YFDAI user will receive in this SSGT airdrop based on the various parameters that affect someone’s airdrop amount, which are:

  1. Length of holding, staking, or farming YF-DAI

SSGT Rewards for SafeSwap Users

In order to promote trading activity and liquidity on SafeSwap (YFDAI’s decentralized exchange), starting after the March 16th snapshot, we will be offering SSGT rewards to SafeSwap users.

The initial SSGT reward for SafeSwap users is a one-time 1000 SSGT airdrop that is claimable equally over our 6-month distribution schedule.

We have made it easier to earn eligibility for this airdrop, so please read all of the ‘Key Points’ below.

Key points to keep in mind for this airdrop:

  1. SSGT Token Allocation for this Airdrop: 21 million SSGT tokens (10% of supply)

More SSGT Airdrops for SafeSwap Users Ahead:
We will be announcing more SSGT airdrops to SafeSwap users during these next 6 months, so you can bet that new SafeSwap users (and perhaps even previously rewarded users) will be rewarded when they trade on SafeSwap. A minimum transaction amount may or may not come into play. Surprise airdrops to be revealed at random, so get trading on SafeSwap!

  • Please note: Any abusive actions such as using bots will be flagged and penalized by not only not receiving SSGT airdrops associated with using SafeSwap, but identified wallets may also be banned from participating in future LaunchPad projects and banned from other YFDAI services as well.

SafeSwap Longevity Bonus (Updated): Any users that do not sell the initial SSGT airdrop (that all YF-DAI holders, stakers, and farmers will receive) will qualify for a 10% SSGT rewards bonus on top of the aggregate of SafeSwap rewards received. The ‘longevity’ bonus will be claimable after the 6-month distribution is completed as a one-time bonus to claim. This has been simplified from the Medium article we released on March 2 detailing the SSGT airdrops.

Removal of SSGT Multiplier Tiers: Given our simplification of the SSGT airdrop for SafeSwap users, we have removed the SSGT multiplier tiers that were previously identified in this Medium article we released on March 2.

SSGT Rewards for Top Token Holders of SafeSwap Projects

YFDAI will partner with key projects to list on SafeSwap to grow our DeFi ecosystem and user base. Token holders of key SafeSwap-listed projects will be able to provide liquidity on SafeSwap of the projects’ native token, farm the LP token in the vault, and will be rewarded SSGT as a result.

Here are some key points regarding these SSGT rewards:

  1. Total Token Allocation: 21 million SSGT tokens (10% of supply)

Liquidity Providers Rewards: SafeSwap aims to provide liquidity providers with the highest returns in the industry. With that, liquidity providers will be awarded with (once SSGT farming commences in August):

  1. Eligibility to receive a share of the SSGT rewards pool

Other Potential Bonuses: There will be SSGT bonuses related to attracting projects to list on SafeSwap. They will be detailed in future announcements as we ramp up SSGT listing activities and related marketing activities. Marketing efforts will include but are not limited to running “listing competitions” and other efforts with our community and the hopeful, to-be-listed projects themselves.

SSGT Airdrop Scenarios — For all YF-DAI Holders, Stakers, and Farmers

Here are some examples of how calculations are conducted for various scenarios where users are holding, staking, and/or farming YF-DAI to help our community better understand how the airdrop calculations were conducted and sort out their own calculations if they like to.

Select SSGT Airdrop Scenarios:

1. ‘Held Strong’ — A user is holding .50 YFDAI in March 9th snapshot and still holding .50 YFDAI in today’s (June 25th) snapshot will receive following amount of SSGT total:

Airdrop Result: .50 YFDAI x 1250 (SSGT ratio) = 625 SSGT airdrop total (125SSGT/mo)

2. ‘Held and Sold’ — A user is holding .50 YFDAI in March 9th snapshot, held .50 YFDAI in March 16th snapshot, but sold some YFDAI and only holds .25 YFDAI in today’s snapshot:

Airdrop Result: Disqualified. Cannot lower amount held (or staked or farmed) between March 16th snapshot and today’s snapshot.

3. ‘Staked and Purchased More’ — A user is staking .50 YFDAI in March 9th snapshot, increased their staking amount to 1 YFDAI in March 16th snapshot, and increased their staking amount to 2 YFDAI in today’s snapshot:

Airdrop Result: 2 YFDAI x 1350 (SSGT ratio) = 2700 SSGT airdrop total (540 SSGT/mo)

Since the YFDAI staker increased their staking to 2 YFDAI in the last snapshot, they will be rewarded at that amount.

4. ‘Held and Staked Same Wallet’ — A user held 1 YFDAI and staked 1 YFDAI in March 9th snapshot in the same wallet, held through that same amount on March 16th, and then held 1 YFDAI in the today’s snapshot but reduced their staking amount from 1 YFDAI to .25 YFDAI:

Airdrop Result: The user is rewarded SSGT airdrop for YFDAI held (and not decreased) but disqualified with regards to staking and the YFDAI staked amount has decreased.
Held: 1 YFDAI x 1250 (SSGT ratio) = 1250 SSGT airdrop total
(250 SSGT/mo)
: Disqualified. Reduced amount staked from 1 YFDAI to .25 YFDAI

5. ‘New User — Staked and Farmed Different Wallet’ — A ‘new’ user (purchased then staked and farmed on March 15th in time for the March 16th snapshot), staked 2 YFDAI and farmed 3 YFDAI initially but in 2 different wallets. They kept staking the same amount through the June 25th snapshot, but increased their farming amount from 3 YFDAI to 5 YFDAI:

Airdrop Result:
Staking wallet
: 2 YFDAI x 1150 (SSGT ratio) = 2300 SSGT airdrop total
Farming wallet: 5 YFDAI x 1150 (SSGT ratio) = 5750 SSGT airdrop total
Total SSGT Airdrop: 2300 + 5750 SSGT = 8050 SSGT (1610/mo)

6. ‘Legacy YFDAI Holder, New Staker’ — A user held 2 YFDAI in the March 9th snapshot, held 2 YFDAI through the March 16th snapshot, and held the same amount through today’s snapshot. That same person (in the same wallet) bought and immediately staked 1 YFDAI after the March 9th snapshot but before the March 16th snapshot. They kept staking their 1 YFDAI and sold rewards along the way, showing 1 YFDAI staked in today’s snapshot:

Airdrop Result:
YFDAI Holding: 2 YFDAI x 1250 (SSGT ratio) = 2500 SSGT airdrop total
YFDAI Staking: 1 YFDAI x 1150 (SSGT ratio) = 1150 SSGT airdrop total
Total SSGT Airdrop: 2500 + 1150 SSGT = 3650 SSGT (730/mo)

7. SSGT Loyalty Bonus’ — A user participated in YFDAI staking and received a 1250 SSGT airdrop in the same wallet where they already held some 1000 SSGT already. Then they sold all 2250 SSGT held in that wallet before the July 25th snapshot, which showed 0 SSGT in the wallet.

SSGT Loyalty Bonuses Result: Since all airdropped SSGT (1250 SSGT) was told before the July snapshot, the user is disqualified from the 10% SSGT rewards bonus (see SafeSwap Users section above), and is also disqualified from the 5% SSGT loyalty bonus (see SSGT Airdrop for all YFDAI holders, stakers and farmers section above).

This also disqualifies the user from the last-man standing NFT and associated $100k bonus tied to the 5% SSGT loyalty bonuses (see SSGT Airdrop for all YFDAI holders, stakers and farmers section above).

What If Scenario: If the user kept at least 1250 SSGT in their wallet in time for the July 25th snapshot and sold 1000 SSGT or less, they would have still qualified for all of the SSGT loyalty bonuses.


Here are some questions we’ve gathered from the community over the past couple of weeks that we wanted to share responses to:

  1. Is the airdrop one-and-done for SSGT or will it continue every month or quarter?

    : The initial main airdrop for all YFDAI holders, stakers, and farmers will be conducted per the distribution schedule above. It will continue for 6 months with 3 months following with loyalty bonuses. The airdrops related to SafeSwap Users will also play into the same distribution schedule. The airdrops related to top projects listed on SafeSwap will have a different schedule, per the SSGT tokenomics.


Important Links:

YFDAI Farming — https://farm.yfdai.finance
YFDAI Staking — https://stake.yfdai.finance
SSGT Staking — https://dashboard.yfdai.finance/Dashboard

Website — https://yfdai.finance
Main Telegram Community — https://t.me/yfdaifinance
Telegram Announcements — https://t.me/yfdai
SSGT Telegram Community — https://t.me/ssgtofficial

Discord — https://discord.gg/S3GRXRC
Bitcointalk — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5295276.new#new
Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/YFDAI/



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