YFDAI Updates its 2021 Roadmap after a Busy First Half of the Year

Dear Community,

After achieving a lot of milestones in the first half of the year, we have decided to update our roadmap based on a deep internal review that we have completed alongside the new business and tech additions that we’ve added to the project team. As always, we’re committed to ensuring that the YFDAI mission stays at the root of everything that we do — to democratize finance and serve as a catalyst for mass adoption of the next generation of financial products.

Staying true to…

Learn About SSGT Staking Rewards And How To Begin Staking With YFDAI’s Governance Token

Dear Community,

As many of you know, SSGT plays an essential role in the YFDAI mission to create the most complete DeFi ecosystem in the industry. It was decided during our first governance vote earlier this year that the goal of making YFDAI completely decentralized and open would be achieved through SSGT. It is the key component to bottomless liquidity, governance voting and so much more. …

YFDAI starts trading on KuCoin at 9 AM UTC today featuring a trading competition with a 20 YFDAI grand prize pool!

Dear YFDAI Community,

It’s official, YFDAI is officially fully live and trading on KuCoin!

Our token launches on KuCoin with two trading pairs:

YFDAI/USDT: https://trade.kucoin.com/YFDAI-USDT
YFDAI/BTC: https://trade.kucoin.com/YFDAI-BTC

Deposit YFDAI and start trading today: https://www.kucoin.com/assets/coin/YFDAI

Known as the “People’s Exchange”, 1 in every 4 crypto holders worldwide have an account with KuCoin. KuCoin has established multilingual communities for its 8+ million users as well as 24/7 customer service while having a top quality rating on nearly every exchange ranking site…

KuCoin, a Top 5 Exchange Globally, will Support YFDAI/USDT and YFDAI/BTC Trading Pairs with Deposits Effective Immediately

Dear YFDAI Community,

We are beyond excited to announce that YFDAI will be listed on one of the most recognizable and most traded crypto exchanges globally, KuCoin!

Our token will launch with two trading pairs: YFDAI/USDT and YFDAI/BTC

To deposit YFDAI on KuCoin, please visit: https://www.kucoin.com/assets/coin/YFDAI

Here is the full listing schedule:

1. Deposits: Effective immediately (supported network is ERC20)
2. Trading: Starts at 9:00 am UTC on Friday, June 18th
3. Withdrawal: Available starting at 10:00 am UTC on Saturday, June 19th

Join Executives From YFDAI alongside Industry Experts For The First Annual DeFi Summit

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce that YFDAI is actively participating at DeFi Summit, the world’s largest-ever conference solely dedicated to Decentralized Finance!

DeFi Summit is a free, week-long virtual event taking place most of this week (June 14 — June 18) where some of the leading creators, developers, and executives contributing to the growth of the rapidly-expanding DeFi community are scheduled to attend.

Attendees to DeFi Summit will have the opportunity to hear from individuals like Johann Eid, Head of Integration at Chainlink; SJ Park…

YFDAI continues to hire talented professionals necessary to keep up with its DeFi platform expansion

Dear YFDAI Community,

We’ve seen a flurry of hiring at YFDAI over these past 6 weeks with the additions of John Burmeister (LaunchPad Success Manager), Murai Ryo (Full Stack Developer), Hargobind Gupta (Lead Solidity Developer), Jeetesh Gajjar (Technical Project Manager), and Deep Yadav (Lead Backend Developer).

Now, as the community turns its focus to SSGT (given the recent launch of the token), along with the expansion of our governance system (now that DAO1 has launched), the move of our SafeSwap DEX to Matic, and more…

Dear Community,

The 8th monthly unlock from the time-release smart contracts has been completed, please find below confirmation of completed transfers.

Team Tokens — Maximum Monthly Allocation 105 Tokens

As you are aware, YFDAI was an in-house funded project which was able to launch without a presale! With that said, team tokens were set in place to pay for the core team members’ salaries.

This month, 81% of the team tokens available will be used to cover the salaries of the team. The team is dedicated and plans to hold much of these tokens, however, any tokens sold will respect…

The SSGT token went live on Uniswap, SafeSwap and QuickSwap on May 26th

Dear Community,

The SSGT token is now live on Uniswap, SafeSwap, and QuickSwap!

After a successful token sale launching SSGT off of our very own YFDAI LaunchPad, we listed the SSGT token on Wednesday, May 26th across the three Ethereum-based and Matic-based DEXs in support of fostering great traction and adoption of our SSGT token.

Recapping, SSGT is instrumental to achieving our vision of being the most complete DeFi ecosystem in the industry. …

Announcing the DAO1 Public Sale Details and Whitelist Process

Dear Community,

Congratulations to those YF-DAI stakers and farmers who successfully have secured an allocation of the DAO1 token in the pre-sale.

Next, it is time for the DAO1 public sale! The DAO1 public sale will be the first project hosted on the YFDAI LaunchPad built on the blockchain network of our newest partner, Polygon (formerly known as MATIC).

Learn how to participate in our hosted token sales on Polygon here: https://yfdaifinance.medium.com/how-to-participate-in-yfdai-launchpad-token-sales-on-polygon-756ae2eb01c9

The public sale will take place Thursday, May 27th at 5 pm UTC.

Whitelist registration for the public sale…

A step-by-step Guide to participating in LaunchPad-hosted token offerings on Polygon Network (Matic)

Dear Community,

Thank you for your interest and for participating in our LaunchPad token offerings.

We would like to use this article to walk you through how to take advantage of our collaboration with Polygon to purchase and trade with near zero gas on Polygon (also known as Matic Network) when participating in YFDAI LaunchPad offerings.

Walkthrough Video: If you prefer a video walkthrough of how to participate in LaunchPad offerings on Polygon, please watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHG6l2u5NHo

Follow these quick 6 easy steps to move USDT (Tether)…

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